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Chania, Crete

It did not take me long to fall in love with Chania, Crete. Maybe all of ten minutes after I arrived at sunrise in late March 2009. My friend Nikos had been urging me to come since my Crete pages were very deficient since I had not visited the island in several years. He read my pages and asked me why I didn't like Crete. I explained I liked Crete a lot but I was just not that enamoured with the whole resort movement going on there. He told me to come to Chania, that it was different. He was right. Chania may be the best city in Greece. With a long history, a spectacular old city that surrounds the Venetian harbor and in the best part of Crete for daytrips to beautiful beaches, the famous gorges and scenic mountain villages, Chania is the place I recommend staying for anyone who is including Crete in their itinerary of Greece. This is my guide to Chania, wonderful place to visit and maybe an even better place to live.

Hania, Crete
Introduction to Chania

Hania, Crete
The Old City

xania, crete
The New City

chania, restaurants
Chania Restaurants

West of Chania

Akrotiri/Souda Bay and South


Hotels in Chania

samarian gorge, crete
South to Samarian Gorge

South to Sfakia

Ferry to Chania Crete


More of Crete

Chania Photos

Western Crete Photos

Taxi Tours of Chania
Taxi Tours from Chania

City Discovery offers several excursions from Chania:

Samaria Gorge: The bus picks you up and takes you to the top of the gorge and you walk down and take the boat to Sougia or Hora Sfakion where you are picked up by the bus and taken back to your hotel. For convenience you can't beat it. Click Here for More Info

Elafonisi Beach: The bus picks you up at your hotel and you spend the day at the beach before being taken back to your hotel. Click Here for More Info

Gramvousa and Balos Lagoon: Enjoy this boat trip with stops at the island Imeri Gramvousa, where you can visit the Venetian castle on top of a steep rock to have a birds-eye view of the pelagos and swim in the crystal clear waters, and the Balos Lagoon. Click Here for More Info

Knossos Minoan Palace and Heraklion City from Chania: Tour Knossos, the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and center of Minoan civilization and culture, and Heraklion city. Click Here for More Info

You can search for Chania hotels by location, price, whether or not it has a swimming pool, and see photos and reviews by using this link to Excellent prices and many hotels you can book and then cancel with no cancellation fee. For those who want to book without using a travel agency this is the best way to do it.

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