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Why Donate to My Greece Travel Guides?

The answer is that you shouldn't. I don't need the money. If you are using one of the excellent travel agencies I recommend on the site or following my links to then you will be happy to know that I get a small comission from each of them and that is more than enough to keep my site going. Plus I have a real job too.

But the people of Greece need your help, especially now and I know that people who use my website would donate money if they knew who to donate to and how.  SOS Children's Villages help children who have lost their parents or are homeless for other reasons. There is no better time to donate then now because with the economic crisis in Greece they need donations more than ever. You can visit their website to read about their work and then donate by bank transfer or following the link to paypal. You can mention my site if you like.

About SOS Children's Villages
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