The schedules change often so it is best to check with your travel agent in Athens to be sure. In fact they change so much that I removed them from this page so people would not rely on them and get stuck somewhere.  But you may find this info helpful...

Blue Star Ferry, Pireaus, GreeceAt the GREEK NATIONAL TOURISM ORGANIZATION (EOT) office you can get the weekly ferry and bus schedules, a free map of Greece, a free map of Athens, fares, brochures and so on.  The office is on Amalias across from the entrance of the National Gardens. Get a map and bus schedules and other helpful info while you are there. It is all free. The ferry schedules come out for the week in the newspaper called NAFTEMBORIKI but you have to be able to read Greek. That's OK because they are in English in the Athens News which comes out on Friday and can be found in almost any Newstand. Pick one up at the airport if you think of it. They come out daily in the English edition of KATHIMERINI which is inserted in the International Herald Tribune but there are two problems. The paper does not come out on Sunday and the schedules are for the day the paper comes out. Most boats leave between 7 and 8am so by the time anyone reads the paper half of them have left. Until it drives me crazy I will buy the NAFTEMBORIKI and you can e-mail me for ferry times for that week. If you need the times for boats weeks or months from now you can still e-mail me and I can give you some idea of the times and frequency of the boats to wherever it is you want to go.

I have written this before that your best bet is to book your hotels in Athens and the islands with a Greek travel agency and let them worry about getting you to the islands and back because you can spend days searching and still not find accurate ferry information and all the agencies have to do is make a call to the ferry company (and be put on hold for an hour). It does not mean that they will get any more accurate information than you will, but if the schedule is wrong they will find out and fix it and adjust your schedule and hotel reservations. If you do it on your own and are wrong then you will be wandering around looking for a boat that does not exist or left an hour earlier than you thought it was supposed to and maybe pay for an extra night in Athens and for a hotel on an island you could not get to. If you are a backpacker going 'island hopping' then it does not really matter where you begin as long as the islands you want to go to have connections. But if you are trying to put together an itinerary for yourself, your family or a group get professional help because in the end you will save money and aggravation as well as time.

Try www.greecetravel.com/create-an-itinerary which is a page I made up for people who want to plan their own trip but don't want to get stuck on the first island because of a lack of ferries.
If you need suggestions see www.greektravel.com/suggestions
For information on booking tickets go to
There are now companies that advertise ferry tickets that advertise on the internet through google and other venues. I can't testify to their accuracy but they are worth checking out.
There is a similar page with more information at www.athensguide.com/ferries

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