Pergamum (IZM - 02) Half Day

IZMIR - Pergamum Depart from the port of Izmir for an itinerary of great historical interest which will take you, in more or less 1 ½ hours, to Pergamum.

The main centre, together with Alexandria, of the Hellenistic civilisation in the East and capital of the Roman province of Asia, Pergamum enjoyed over three centuries of economical prosperity which resulted in exceptional cultural and artistic development.

It is possible to appreciate the ability of Greek and Roman architects in developing this challenging location to the urbanistic requirements of a great capital city. You will visit the ASKELEPION complex built to honour ASCLEPIO, god of medicine (ESCULAPIO for the Romans), former place of worship and therapeutical centre among the most celebrated in the ancient world.

After a short drive you will board the cable car and where en-route you will enjoy an awesome scenery. You will then reach the ACROPOLIS which dominates the surrounding plain from a height of 275 m. Originally fenced by three walls, of which few traces remain, on this rocky spur many temples, palaces, public and private buildings were erected.

After this wonderful visit you will re-board the cable car and reach the parking lot. Return to Izmir and the ship.