Ancient Ephesus (IZM - 03) Half Day

IZMIR - Ancient Ephesus Board your coach and set out for the ancient city located approximately 1 hour drive from Izmir.

Reach the ancient Ephesus. Famous in antiquity for its temple of Diana, during the years of the Roman Empire, the Greek port of Ephesus became the greatest city in Asia Minor.

Upon arrival at Ephesus follow your guide to enter the ancient site through the Magnesia Gate. Discover innumerable monuments including the Forum, the Odeon, the Library of Celsus, the Thermal Baths of Scolastika and the Great Theatre built in the Greek era and reconstructed in the Roman period, which is still noted for its remarkable acoustics.

View the symbols all around and marvel at the fact that one is still able to read the inscriptions in the ancient Greek language.

Walk back to your coach along the Arcadian Way, where once Mark Anthony and Cleopatra rode in procession.

Before returning to the ship, get a cultural taste of Turkey by enjoying an exhibition of oriental carpets or leather goods.