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The Greece-China Connection

The Theories of Theresa Mitsopoulou

Anthropologist and Archaeologist Theresa Mitsopoulou's theories about the reasons for the similarities in ancient Greek and Chinese culture have not made her popular with the Greek Archaeologists and Academics. But they should probably make their peace with her because she may be right.

Theresa Mitsopolou has studied Archaeology at the University of Athens and has been a tourist guide and lecturer for over 30 years. She has written a number of books which investigate the connection between ancient Greek and Chinese cultures and languages. She speaks seven languages including Chinese and her Guide to Athens and the Acropolis is written in English and Chinese and dedicated to the Chinese tourist whose dream is to come and visit Greece some day. Though her theories on ancient history make sense and she offers many examples as proof she has been shunned by her peers in the world of Greek Archaeology who perhaps prefer to believe that ancient Greece was the center of the universe rather than believe that it was part of a much bigger and infinitely more fascinating picture. But you can read her articles and decide for yourself.
The Color Blue for Repelling Evil
World's Oldest Musical Instrument?
Greek and Chinese Ships
Eye-Shaped and Horned Glass Beads from China and Greece
Symbolic Representation of the Snake
The Decoration of the Head with Feathers
Apollo of Piraeus: Archer or Charioteer?
Similarities in Greek and Chinese Language
The Origins of the Olympic Games
China, Greece, and the Zulus of Africa
The Zulu Relationship to the Greek and Chinese Cultures
The Sahara Relationship to Zulu, Greek and Chinese Culture
The Story of Mpelas: The Acropolis Dog

Greek Characters: Theresa Mitsopoulou and Her Theories

Acropolis Tour with Theresa

Books by Theresa Mitsopoulou

Interview with Theresa

For books, or information contact:
Theresa Mitsopoulou
5 Tsami Karatassi
Athens 117 42, Greece
Tel and Fax: (210) 922-9233

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