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Greek cartoonsWhile playing with my camera one day, (a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX20V), I discovered that if I combined two settings I came up with a way to make my photos look like comics and my friends look like comic book characters. At first I began posting them as they were, but then I decided that if I could add word balloons my photos really would be like comics. All I needed was to think of something funny to say in each one, which is not as easy as it sounds. Of course, as is my nature, I thought of lots funny things to have my characters saying in about the first hour after downloading the program. (It's called Comic Life and it is great). I had dreams of entire comic strips featuring myself and my friends in Greece, and all our escapades, entertaining millions. Unfortunately my funniness seemed to wear off and I spent the next few days trying to think of funny things to write that were at least as good as what I came up with in the first hour. By then my dreams of a whole series were dashed. But I still had the covers of three different series of comics: Kea Komix, Kypseli Komix (My neighborhood in Athens) and Lesvos Comix and a few dozen comics that I thought were funny enough to post. Most of them anyway. If you need to ask me why something is funny, like if you don't get the joke, you can E-mail me and I will either explain it to you or else tell you that this is one of them that was not funny and there is nothing to get. Just tell me the number of the page so I know which one you are talking about. And if you think I should continue this and maybe make it a career please let me know. I am sure people who have the talent to actually draw might take offense at my short-cut to being a renown comic book writer and I would not blame them. Then again if something is funny then it is funny and you can't argue with that. Start with the first one and click your way through to see them full size. And please share them with your friends using Google+ and Facebook by using the buttons at the bottom of the page. Especially if you think they are funny.

greece-comics01.jpg greece-comics02.jpg greece-comics03.jpg greece-comics04.jpg greece-comics05.jpg
greece-comics06.jpg greece-comics07.jpg greece-comics08.jpg greece-comics09.jpg greece-comics10.jpg
greece-comics11.jpg greece-comics12.jpg greece-comics13.jpg greece-comics14.jpg greece-comics15.jpg
greece-comics16.jpg greece-comics17.jpg greece-comics18.jpg greece-comics19.jpg greece-comics20.jpg
greece-comics21.jpg greece-comics22.jpg greece-comics23.jpg greece-comics24.jpg greece-comics25.jpg
greece-comics26.jpg greece-comics27.jpg greece-comics28.jpg greece-comics29.jpg greece-comics30.jpg
greece-comics31.jpg greece-comics32.jpg greece-comics33.jpg greece-comics34.jpg greece-comics35.jpg
greece-comics36.jpg greece-comics37.jpg greece-comics38.jpg greece-comics39.jpg greece-comics40.jpg
greece-comics41.jpg greece-comics42.jpg greece-comics43.jpg greece-comics44.jpg greece-comics45.jpg

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