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There are scheduled flights to Corfu from Athens several times a day on Olympic or Aegean; the trip takes an hour or less. There are also flights from Thessaloniki on Aegean all year round. From March to November, no-frills airlines easyJet, bmiBaby and Ryanair offer at least daily direct services from several UK airports (in addition to the usual charter or package-company airlines like ThomsonFly and Thomas Cook; 3 hours flight time). There are three daily KTEL buses between Corfu and Athens and four daily buses between Igoumenítsa and Athens. There is also at least a daily bus (maybe 2) between Corfu and Thessaloniki. See Athens-based KTEL schedules

There are ferries (both normal and “fast”) almost every hour to and from Igoumenítsa on the mainland, 75 minutes away at the slowest. Most people coming by car or train from Europe get to Corfu by coming from Brindisi, Bari, Ancona, or Venice in Italy to Igoumounitsa. The ferries used to stop in Corfu but now few if any do. The trip from Brindisi to Igoumounitsa is about 8 hours 30 minutes, from Bari an hour longer. Ancona is a bit over 15 hours away, while starting at Venice can mean around 30 hours of travel. Competition between several different ferry companies keeps boat standards high and prices keen; the best shipping lines are reckoned to be Superfast, ANEK, Minoan and Blue Star. These same boats continue on to Pátra , which takes 6 hours, and then return the same way. If you are going by deck or with just a seat then you can buy your ticket when you get to Italy. But if you want a cabin or have a car then it is best to book in advance through a reliable Greek Travel Agency in Athens when they book your hotels for you. You can buy tickets leaving Corfu from any of the agencies crowding the town’s New Port, about 1km west of the centre . The Old Port at Spiliá is now only used by short-hop excursion boats, eg those going to Vídos islet opposite. Even the day-trip boats to Albania use the New Port because it now has the only customs and immigration facilities. For a really good ferry booking site try

You can even drive to Corfu from Athens, by renting a car through Swift Car Rentals in Athens who will even drive you out of the city, to the highway. Athens to Igoumounítsa is about a 6 hour drive going via the north Peloponnesian motorway to Pátra, and then along the new Ionian Highway through western Greece (crossing the western mouth of the Corinth Gulf by ferry costs half of what the bridge toll is, and is far more scenic/relaxing). Some might choose a more leisurely northern route with an overnight stop in Delphi and even Meteora, continuing through Ioánnina to Igoumenítsa . If you are fearful of driving in Greece , there is always George the Famous Taxi Driver who will charge somewhere around 350 euros or so which seems like a lot but if you are four people who can split the cost this is a very comfortable way to go if you want to see the countryside along the way which is quite spectacular. He can also just take you from the airport in Athens to the bus station.

If you are coming by ferry be sure to visit Matt's Igoumenitsa Page for hotels, restaurants, beaches and more information as well as Matt's Ipirus Page

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