Private Tours: Alexandria, Egypt

Cruise, tours, egyptEgypt is an amazing country with a facinating history and wonderful people. But many people are afraid to visit Egypt because it seems so different. Soha is a licensed tour guide in the port of Alexandria who will help you experience the beauty and history of Egypt with facination instead of fear. A former law student she decided to study Tourism and Monuments and graduated from the School of Hospitality and Tourism in 1999. She takes people all over Egypt, visiting Cairo, Sinai, Pord Said and the Suez Canal and to monasteries and ancient sites all over the country. She uses a driver with an air-conditioned car and can arrange all aspects of your trip to Egypt including hotels, diving excursions, (some of the best diving in the world is in Egypt) and will introduce you to the best restaurants in Egypt. Soha is a warm and engaging person who loves her home country and is eager to share it with visitors.

You can contact Soha at

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