The Greek Ferries

Take a long look because I took these Greek Island ferry photos before 2000 and many of these ships are gone and those that are still around won't be for long.

The Mytilini is in my opinion the best ferry

The Sappho Goes to Lesvos

The Pegasus docking in Kythnos

Passing the Aphrodite

The Agios Raphael in Rafina

Express Santorini

Leaving Sifnos

Mega Dolphin

Mega Dolphin leaving Kythnos

Minoan High Speed in Pireaus

The Theophilos Goes to Lesvos

Dodekanese Ferries

Arriving in Aegina

Angistri Catamaran

Pegasus in Kamares, Sifnos

Arriving in Serifos

Ferry leaving Poros

Ferry lounge during Easter weekend

Milos Express in Sifnos

Milos Express Leaving Sifnos

Sunset on the Santorini Express

Sappho arrives in Pireaus

High-speed arrives in Paros

Ferries arriving and leaving in Paros

Posideon Express

Leaving Kamares, Sifnos

I love the Greek ferries

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