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Matt Barrett at A is for Athens Cafe-HotelThese are my most popular Greece websites. Each one has a few hundred pages of information and of course lots of photos and some personal experiences, many of which you would not normally find in a travel guide about Greece, or any country actually. It is probably a good idea to bookmark this page so you will have a familiar place to come back to in case you get lost. If you have aby questions or comments you can contact me and I usually reply right away. If you are looking for suggestions visit my Greece Itinerary Suggestions Page. If you have a good idea of what you want to do but are not exactly sure how to do it or even if you just want to know if what you want to do is possible and what it will cost use my Create-an-itinerary Page. To reach my main index page you can click on the banner at the top of the page.

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Matt Barrett's Original Greece Travel Guide

Greece Travel Information My Original Greek Travel Guide is a good way to introduce yourself to Greece with pages of information and links to even more pages of information. This was my original website, organized in a more free-form way than is now acceptable according to the web gurus. But for some reason the people who use it like it. It introduces you to Greece in a chatty friendly way.

Athens Survival Guide

Guide to Athens, Greece My Athens Survival Guide is full of helpful info, photos, restaurants reviews, hotel reviews, archaeological sites and suggestions and they say it makes buying an actual physical guidebook redundant. I bet it is the world's most popular free guide. I have been told that even many Athenians use it.

Greek Island Guides

Greek island Guide My Greek Island Synopsis is an introductory guide to the Greek islands with a description of each island and links to more detailed information, hotels, travel agents and photos. My Greek Island Guide is similar but has a photo of each island and links to the actual pages for each island. Both are very useful.

Lesvos: More than just another Greek Island

Lesvos-Greece-Guide Lesvos is a big beautiful island which has retained much of its traditional nature. Many people who go there had never heard of it before they went and now go every year. If you like good food, nice beaches and would rather explore than sunbathe check it out. It is much less expensive than the popular islands that you have heard of, but just as beautiful. More in fact. Visit Lesvos: More Than Just Another Greek Island

Matt's Greek Hotel Guides

Hotels of Greece Hotels of is a practical website of photos, descriptions and booking information for recommended hotels organized by location. Not to be confused with my Greece Hotel Guide which is done in cooperation with and has thousands of hotels, photos, reviews by people who have stayed in the hotels and more. And there is also my Greece Hotel Search which is very useful. Oh yes and there is my Villas of Greece page which also includes holiday homes, self-catering apartments and Air BnB style accommodations.

Matt Barrett's A History of Greece

History of Greece My A History of Greece was written as a simple introduction for travelers but I got a little carried away and people say it is the best Greek History site on the internet. As it gets more popular I have to defend what I have written more and more but it keeps me on my toes and I meet interesting people, some quite passionate in their beliefs. Conservatives say I have a leftist sland and leftists say I am a conservative so I guess I  got it right.

Those are my main sites. Here are some more important pages...


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