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Greek Food and what it looks like...

Matt and Amarandi BarrettHere is a series of photos I have taken of Greek dishes from back in the days when digital cameras were 1.2 megapixels and you did not want to put big photos on your web page because everyone had dial-up and large photos would make the page load very slowly. However, as dated as it is, this page is actually kind of useful for getting an idea of what the different Greek foods look like so rather than delete them and post new larger photos I have decided to keep them. Generally when I sit down for a meal my first impulse is not to take a picture of what I am about to eat but lately I have been more likely to do it, especially during the day when we eat outdoors and the pictures actually come out.  There have been numerous times when I have half finished an incredible dish and realized too late that I should have taken a picture before it looked like a grizzly pile of bones, shells or stems. But anyway these pictures that I do have will certainly show you that there is a great variety of food in Greece. I have included the names of the restaurants where I have taken the picture of each dish, some of them not in Athens. But many of these dishes can be found anywhere. I also would like to add that my model, Amarandi Barrett is now 24 years old.

Greek Dishes

Horiatiki Salata-Greek Village Salad
(Saga Hotel in Poros)

Psomi sta karvouna-Toasted Bread
(O Sabouras in Naphlion)

Koutsomoures Tiganites-Fried Red Mullet
(O Sabouras in Naphlion)

Gavros Salata-Fresh Anchovy Salad
(O Sabouras in Naphlion)

Yigandes-Lima Beans
(Platia Iroon in Psiri)

Tarama Salada-Caviar Salad
(O Sabouras in Naphlion)

Mikri Pikilia-Small Assortment
Margaretta's Ouzeries Kamari in Sifnos

Galeos me Skordala-Shark with Garlic Sauce
(Agoni Grammi in Rafina)

Spanachorizo-Spinach and Rice
(Paradisiako in Plaka)

(Bakaros in Kypseli)

Sardeles Pastes-Fresh Raw Sardines
(Medusa in Skala Kaloni, Lesvos)

Revitha Keftedes-Fried Chick-pea-balls
Manolis in Vathi, Sifnos

Badzaria-Beets (Get this with scordalia-garlic dip)
(O Sabouras in Naphlion)

Kolokothopita-Zuchini Pie
(Bafeios in Molyvos, Lesvos)

Octopodi Krasato-Octopus in Wine
(Mortzoukos in Poros)

Kolokithikia Vrasta-Boiled Zucchini
(Kioupi in Koloniki)

Psarosoupa-Fish Soup
(Byzantino in Plaka)

Fasoulia me Kreas-Meat with Stingbeans
(Mortzoukos in Poros)

Octopodi tis Skaras-Grilled Octopus
(Medusa in Skala Kaloni, Lesvos)

Loloudia Tiganita-Fried Stuffed Zuchini Flowers
(Bafeios in Molyvos, Lesvos)

Kolios Gouna-Grilled Sundried Makeral
(Barbarossa in Naousa, Paros)

Garides Tiganites-Fried Shrimp
(O Sabouras in Naphlion)

Media Saganaki-Mussels with Cheese
(O Sabouras in Naphlion)

Hirino me  Fourno Patates-Pork with Oven Potatoes
(Mortzoukos in Poros)

Psari tis Skaras-Grilled Fish
(Diros in Athens)

Patates Gemista-Stuffed Potatoes
(Platia Iroon in Psiri)

Arni me Patates Mastelo-Lamb and Potatos
(Bafeios in Molyvos, Lesvos)

Melitzana Salata-Eggplant Salad
(Bafeios in Molyvos, Lesvos)

Skordosomo-Garlic Stuffed Bread
(Bafeios in Molyvos, Lesvos)

Mavromatikes-Black-eyes Pea Salad
(Barbarossa in Naousa, Paros)

Patata Salata-Potato Salad
(Barbarossa in Naousa, Paros)

Dolmades-Stuffed Cabbage
(Mortzoukos in Poros)

(Remezzo's in Sigri, Lesvos)

Marides-Fried Small Fish
(Medusa in Skala Kaloni, Lesvos)

Kalamarakia-Fried Squid
(Agoni Grammi in Rafina)

Avga Matia me Bacon ke Lookaniko-Fried eggs with bacon and sausage (and Vangelis)
Stavros Cafe-Kamares, Sifnos

Castana-Roasted Chestnuts
(The Streets of Athens)

Lakerda-Marinated Raw Tuna
(Kostas in Campo Antissa, Lesvos)

Carotta Salata-Carrot Salad
(Diros Restaurant in Athens)

Arni sto Fourno me Patates-Lamb from 
the oven with potatoes
(Dilos in Athens)

(Many island and seaside tavernas)


Soutsoukakia-Like meatballs but Pork..maybe

(Paradisio in Poros)

Briam-potatoes and vegetables baked
(Paradosiako in Plaka)

Fasoulia-Green beens
(Adonis in Eressos)

Pastitsio-Eggplant and meat and stuff
(Saga Hotel restaurant-Poros)

Macaronia me tomata salsa-Spagetti with Tomato Sauce
(Somewhere in Eressos)

Giovetsi-Noodles with Meat and Tomato Sauce
(Diros in Athens)

Horta-Boiled Greens
Everywhere-Good for you too)

Revithia-Chickpea Stew
(Sifnos Specialty)

Amedelota-Almond Cookies
(Spiros Bakery in Sifnos)


Frappe-Ice Nescafe (with Cell-phone)

Krasi Hima-Home-made wine
(Almost everywhere if you ask)

For more recent photos see my Lesvos Food Photos

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