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Kamares, Sifnos

Most travelers to Greece want to visit the Greek Islands and if you are one of those people then you are on the right page. Or one of them at least. This page has links to my Greek island guides and some of the most popular Greek islands along with helpful information that will make planning your island-hopping trip easier. If you are not sure which Greek Island you want to visit because you know almost nothing about them see my Greek Island Synopsis which has a paragraph or so on each island and then links to more detailed information. There is also my Greek Island Guide which has photos and links to each island without the descriptions for those who have a pretty good idea of which islands they are interested in. There are some links to practical pages at the bottom of this page such as ferry schedules, suggested itineraries and my Create-an-itinerary form where you can choose the islands and how many days you want to spend on each and send it in and get a price with no obligation to buy. If you need assistance with hotels and coordinating ferries see my Greek Travel Agency page. You can also use my Greek Island Hotel Search which uses the search engine and is a great way to find and book hotels if your itinerary is not too complicated. You can use Ferryhopper to get schedules and book tickets.

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Mykonos boat
Greek Island Synopsis
Descriptions of the islands

Greek island boat
Matt's Greek Island Guide
Like the Synopsis sort of

Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece
More than another Greek Island

Greek Island Cruise
Greek Island Cruises
See many islands in a little time

Santorini, Greece
#1 Greek Island

Mykonos, Greece
Beautiful People Mecca

Greek island Sifnos
The perfect island and my favorite

Kea, Greece
Kea (Tzia)
Hiker's Paradise within site of Athens

Chania, Crete
Something for everyone

Kefalonia, Greece

Ionian Paradise

Rhodes, Greece
Medieval City/Terrific Beaches

Naxos, Greece
Maybe the Best Beaches in Greece

Syros, Greece
Capital of the Cyclades

Tinos, Greece

The Holiest Island

Paros, Greece
Windsurfing Capital

Serifos, Greece

Spectacular beaches few tourists

Milos, Greece
Unbelievable Beaches

Chios, Greece

Beaches, Castles and Mastika

Spring break lasts all summer

Island of Medicine

The Mama Mia Island!

No Cars!

Pine forests and sea

Almost a suburb of Athens

It's big and you can drive to it

Close to Athens + the Peloponessos

Quiet island an hour from Athens

The Greenest Island

Where they live to be 100!

Emerald Seas and Pines

Great for hiking

Undiscovered Until Now

Edipsos Hot Springs
Curing and rejuvenating for 2000 years

Beaches, Forests and trips to Ephesus

Beaches, Sailing and Scuba Diving

Island of Apollo

Made this, with a lot of help from DFL

The greenest of the Saronic Islands

Island in the Peloponessos

Nick Edward's review

An island you can drive to

Island of the Argonauts

Island of Revalations

Unspoiled Greek Island

Greek Island Honeymoons

Create-an-itinerary Page

Map of Greece and the Islands

Greek Ferry Boats

Sailing in Greece

Charters with Greece-by-Sail

Motor Yacht Cruise

Ferryhopper logoUse Ferryhopper to find all direct and indirect ferry routes for the islands of Greece, Spain, Italy & Turkey, compare ferry companies & prices, and book cheap ferry tickets with no hidden fees in one go!

More Greek Islands Information

For a simple index with more islands and photos and links to each island page see my Greek Island Guide

Itinerary Suggestions: Can't make up your mind? Go here and let me help you decide which islands to visit

Support the People of Lesvos: Visit Lesvos

Amarandi in Sigri, LesvosYou have read about the flow of refugees coming to Greece, many of them landing on the island of Lesvos. The people of Lesvos have been helping the refugees, rescuing many at sea, giving them warm clothes and food as soon as they come ashore, and assisting them on getting to the administration centers in Mytilini so they can be registered and continue their long journey to the rest of Europe. You can support the people of Lesvos in a couple ways. You can donate to organizations like The Starfish Foundation who have been helping refugees from the very beginning. Or you can come to Lesvos and visit what I think is the most beautiful island in Greece, where you can eat, drink, swim and if you feel like it volunteer to help. Because of the negative press international tour and cruise companies have abandoned the island, which is silly. Lesvos is as beautiful and enjoyable as ever and the people of Lesvos don't deserve to suffer economic hardship because they have chosen to assist refugees instead of turning a blind eye. So consider Lesvos as the island to visit this summer and support the people who are actually helping the refugees. See my guide Lesvos: More Than Just Another Greek Island.

Smart Cruise 7: This 12 day cruise program allows you to spend 2 nights in Mykonos before going to Ephesus, Turkey, Patmos, Rhodes and Crete, ending with 2 nights in Santorini! I am not a cruise type of guy but I recommend this one.

Budget Island Package: Mykonos and Santorini for an unbeatable Price including transfers and ferry tickets and more

Step-by-Step Guide for Going to a Greek Island: Very helpful for beginners traveling on their own.

For those who don't like cities, Fantasy Travel's Far from the Maddening Crowd puts you on the beach in Faliron, a short bus, tram or taxi to the sites of central Athens before sending your to Mykonos and Santorini.for 6 days and nights.

You can find hotels in Greece by location, price, whether or not it has a swimming pool, and see photos and reviews by using this link to Excellent prices and many hotels you can book and then cancel with no cancellation fee. For those who want to book without using a travel agency this is the best way to do it and the small comission I make on your booking enables me to continue my work.

Create Your Itinerary Form: Try it. Its Fun and Easy. You fill out the form and within a few hours a trusted travel agency sends you a price based on your budget. You are under no obligation to buy so you may as well try it.

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