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A Short History of the Jews of Greece
Jewish Museum of Greece

Before the Nazi occupation and the decimation of Greece's Jewish population, many of Greece's Jewish communities traced their roots back to the Spanish Inquisition and before to Classical Greece. Art and artifacts from Jewish communities through the ages, as well as documentation of the Holocaust makes this museum a cultural treasure.

Opening hours : Daily, 9.00 - 2.30 - Saturday closed, Sunday 10:00-02:00
Address: 39 Nikis str., 105 58 - Athens
Tel: 210 3225582 (5 lines) .- Fax: 210 3231577

The Jewish Museum is included in the Jewish Walking Tours of Athens

Display of religious artifacts connected with to the Torah, from various Jewish Communities of Greece.

Sephardic female costumes from Salonika, 19th c.

Romaniote bridal costume from Ioannina, 19th c.

Wedding costumes, 19th c.

The contribution of the Greek Jews to the struggles of the Greek Nation.

Reconstruction of the interior of the Synagogue of Patras.

Menorah carved on marble found in the Athens Agora, 500 C.E.

Colophon from a manuscript copy of the Kelimat ha-Goyim of Maestro Prophiat ha-Ephodi

Rabbi E. Cohen , Athens, 1894

Benveniste family, Salonika, 1904

Rojo Quarter of Salonika, 17th Century

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