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For the past years Greece has been one of the most attractive destinations in Europe, primarily because of her geographical and geopolitical position, her climate and her beauty.

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East Blue is the option for people looking to migrate and/or invest in Greece. Our clients enjoy, under one roof, the convenience of having every service they need for their visa or permit. Our entire business model is based on the mantra “One”. One phone number, One email, One bank account, One company. All of our services require just One of the above. No more searching far and wide for different professionals to serveyou. One company, all in One. It is the only, empirically proven way, to ensure that our clients have a peaceful transition to their new home no matter what visa or permit suits them.

Our Services

Legal Assistance:
Our legal team consists of experienced and dedicated lawyers, that can advise you and handle any legal issue, including the granting of an entry visa to Greece, the issuing of the residence permit, the establishment of companies, the purchase and sale of real estate, as well as your representation before any authority and court.

Our insurance team provides custom made plans from the top companies in Greece. Starting from tailor made health plans to auto, home and liability insurance as well as group plans for businesses. East Blue also offers group plans for businesses as well as college and retirement fund options.

Real Estate:
Our real estate team works with American standards of excellence when it comes to service and ingenuity. It is East Blue’s desire to inform and present available options, based on our clients’ criteria, to better assist them in choosing the best option for themselves and their families, both for residence and/or investment.

Our accounting department has fine-tuned the process of opening a bank account and acquiring a tax number to the point of bringing the average waiting period from months to two weeks. This is our professional guarantee.

Expats In Greece

Our number one priority is ensuring our clients have a smooth transition while moving to our beautiful country. Roughly 11% of Greece’s population is made up of non-natives. The beautiful country is famous for filoxenia (hospitality), afterall. However, the prospect of journeying to and living in Greece can be intimidating. From healthcare to residential paperwork, the bureaucratic processes are daunting and often difficult to navigate. We have experienced first hand the difficulties our loved ones and clients face when attempting to migrate to Greece and have a passion for making their life easier in every way possible.

East Blue is a resource network and advocacy solution for English-speaking expatriates in Greece. Spanning all areas of life in Greece from education to residential paperwork, we connect expats to trustworthy and high-quality local service providers and services. Then, we facilitate the exchange as advocates, making sure that everything is understood, convenient and comfortable.


East Blue is a reliable and organized asset to any business transitioning to Greece. We are a one-stop-shop, alleviating unneeded pressure to a transitioning workforce. We have a specialized executive team, as well as close partnerships with top businesses and professionals allowing us to provide service, support, and care, for your businesses activities in Greece.

In order to establish and execute a successful business in Greece, working with the best professionals is a necessity. In East Blue, we provide foreign companies desiring to invest and do business in Greece with all the legal, financial, political, and professional support necessary for our environment. As a base of operations, we undertake all the legal and logistical services for beginning a business, opening of a daughter company, or creating a new branch in Greece, fully harmonizing your business with the legal landscape that is in place at the time. We are your first choice because we have created a network of the finest professionals in Greece.

Our Team

William P. Baldwin (center) is a Greek American born and raised in Athens. He has experience living and working in the United States and after finishing his army service with the Greek special forces he started his career in the Insurance sector focusing on foreign clientele, helping them navigate the Greek institutional and social bureaucracy. He is a driven athlete for the Greek finswimming team for 6 years with 3 world records and multiple championship titles. These experiences led him to create East Blue, the only company that guarantees a smooth transition to life in Greece.

Loukas Karetzopoulos (left) is a Greek, born and raised in Athens. He is a seasoned accountant through his family’s business focusing on expats and Greeks alike. He has detail-oriented understanding of the legal and financial implications of expat life, highly responsible and knowledgeable in financial and accounting advising. He is a dedicated athlete with the Greek national finswimming team for more than 10 years and has a world record and multiple championship titles. His experience led him to partner with, and Co-found East Blue and create a peaceful journey for his clients transitioning to and within Greece.

William Costas-Romeos (right) is a Greek American born and raised in Athens, Greece. He has experience working and living in the United States and grew up in the family business of hospitality and philanthropy. He has exceptional multicultural understanding and a highly developed hospitality/accommodation skill set forged through years of experience. He is a competitive high-level basketball player and coach. His passion for guidance, service and hospitality led him to partner with East Blue and become one of its Co-founders in order to secure a peaceful journey for newcomers.

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