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When Giants Walked the Earth

There is a lot we don't know about our ancient past. But one thing most people generally agree on is that the ancient Greeks were pretty much like us. Maybe they thought a little differently but if you put him in a t-shirt, khakis, and flip-flops it would be hard to tell Plato from your average tourist. But what is one to make of mythology with the wars against giants, stories of the Cyclops and the Gods who dropped in on our planet as often as a celebrity sighting in Hollywood? For those who read the books of Zecharia Sitchin, the stuff of mythology actually happened. Gods, men and giants fought alongside and against each other in the distant past.

It's hard to say exactly what these photos are. Could they be archaeologists who have discovered something so incredible that they don't want to tell the world yet until they know it is for real? Or are they set designers putting on the finishing touches for a supernatural film? I have no idea. I want to believe they are archaeologists because to me a world where mythology is totally 'made up' seems boring to me. I want there to have been a time when the Goddess Athena came down from Olympus and spoke to Achilles, or Odysseus and his men actually had to blind the Cyclops in order to escape. I would love it if all ancient mythology is not just based on truth, but is truth. It would mean a more colorful world than I could imagine. But if those who say the world and even the universe is a product of our imagination, are correct, then what is so hard about creating a few giants, or Gods in flying machines who come to earth to set mankind on its course?

A Greece where the events of mythology actually happened goes beyond the birthplace of democracy and the Mediterranean diet and which island has better nightclubs. A Greece where giants walked the earth offers clues, not just to our civilization but civilizations and races we may not even know existed. Giants, Cyclops, Amazons or Gods... did they really walk the earth? I hope so. So I will post these photos I got by e-mail today and let you decide.


Go check for yourself:

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