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A Greek Reporter Initiative to help the people of Greece who are in need of a job

Greece is currently trapped in historically awful economic conditions. There have been a lot of initiatives to try to help Greece and its people, who are suffering because of firings, tax hikes and a continuously deteriorating quality of life.

While sending money to your relatives, opening accounts to collect money in order to cover a tiny hole of the Greek debt, and maybe bringing two or three friends over to America, Canada or Australia, may be a temporary solution, something more drastic is necessary.

Something that will be more sustainable and won't make the Greek people feel like charity cases.

What Greece needs is jobs, and you can help while simultaneously expanding your company's workforce.

Today there are hundreds of jobs that can be done long-distance, with the use of online tools. For example, if you need a website, a new business card design, or somebody to edit a video or translate your documents, the people who will provide these services to you don't need to be in your office, or even in the same continent as you are.

For all those jobs that can be done remotely, consider to hire a Greek. Greek people are highly talented, and although public opinion lately has been against them, we know that given the right work conditions Greeks produce great results, an asset that has helped Greek diaspora members succeed throughout the world.

We at Greek Reporter believe that this is a great way to help the people of Greece.

There are hundreds of thousands of Greek-American, Greek-Canadian, Greek-Australian and Greek people around the world that are successful businessmen and can help the people of Greece, by hiring them to work for their company from Greece.

This is why we created, so people from Greece can post their resumes and companies from around the world can browse them and hopefully employ people.

We believe in Greece and we don't think that the mass exodus of the Greek population is a good resolution to the crisis, nor do we want a permanent state of joblessness in Greece. We can all help, so next time you need a service, think to hire a Greek first.

We really believe in this initiative, and this is why Greek Reporter funded and created without a second thought. You can help too by passing this message around, posting a job opening that can be filled by somebody in Greece, or send this message to your relatives in Greece to post their resume.

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