Christmas in Greece

Greeks are mostly Christians and therefore Christmas is indeed an
important religious holiday.  But, most restaurants and the
majority of shops in the Plaka area are open on the 25th anyway.

The Plaka area is actually very much alive with tourists and
Greeks who will take advantage of the opportunity to stroll through
the streets and later dine at one of the many traditional tavernas.

There will be plenty of cabs at the airport but I would suggest that
you just take the "express" bus which will take you directly from
the airport to "Syntagma Square" from which you can walk down to
the Plaka or else take the metro.  Ask for their schedule and you can
catch the same bus back to the airport.  Since you wont be dragging
your luggage around
you don't need to pay for cabs (unless you just want to).

You can find airport info at

Typically the weather here at that time is quite nice.  The mid day
temperature is usualy about 60-70 degrees fahrenheit.  Therefore
you won't need much more than a jacket but be prepared for the
possibility of rain.  Either carry with you an umbrella or a pancho
type raincoat.

I recommend Matt Barrett's pages on Christmas in Greece at

Also the pages on weather in Greece at

Enjoy your visit to sunny (usually) Athens,

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