Dancing and Food in Greece

Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to combine good food with good Greek music. There are many excellent restaurants in Athens but none of them have good Greek music and dancing to accompany them. On the other hand there are some excellent places where you can hear Greek music and watch Greek dances but the food is "fair". At these places you pay for the entertainment but shouldn't expect to get "A" class food.

For great eating experiences just check out Matt's listing for good restaurants in Athens on his Athens Survival Guide web page. See www.athensguide.com/restaurants.html

For music and dancing the best place in Athens is a restaurant called "KALOKERINOS" and it is located on "Kekropos Street" in the Plaka section of Athens. You won't need reservations.

For a list of popular places to go at night see www.athensguide.com/nightlife.html and also www.athensguide.com/latenite.html

You can also find a list of place to eat and drink and listen to music in the weekly Athenorama enterainment magazine but it is in Greek.

Regards from sunny Athens, Tom

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