Colleges and Universities in Athens, Greece

First of all I must tell you that your desire to study at a Greek University is probably very unwise. The Greek universities have drastically declined in quality and it will be a long time before your Greek will be good enough so that you will be able to keep up with the work.

If you want to come to Greece and continue your college education you can do this quite easily by simply enrolling into one of several American university programs operating in Athens. They are as follows:

1. The American University of Athens: This is a fully accredited American University where you can transfer your college credits from Kent or transfer any and all credits you acquire here back to Kent State. All the courses are taught by qualified professors in English only. Tuition at this school is $1,500.00 per semester. The campus is located in a nice northern suburb and it has an excellent library with state of the art computers and multi-media. Sports and other activities.

2. The University of Indianapolis: This school has a branch here in downtown Athens from which you can transfer credits to and from. Here too the courses are taught by qualified professors in English. It is centrally located but lacks a typical American style campus and facilities. Tuition is $2,250.00 per semester. This is probably the best of the bunch and being right downtown definitely has its pluses.

3. College Year in Athens: This is a small program located in central Athens where sophomores and Juniors transfer from their regular colleges or universities to study ancient Greek philosophy or archaeology for a semester or two. This school provides housing and is therefore much more expensive.

4. State University of New York: This school is also located in central Athens and has a complete program. Courses are taught by qualified professors in English. Tuition is approximately $3,500.00 per semester. This school also lacks a campus.

If you want more information please feel free to contact me directly by return email.

If you want to learn Greek, I would suggest that you check out the following program by filling out this form. They sell a rather unique CD through which you can learn Greek rather easily and at your own pace.

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Regards from sunny Athens, Tom

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