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Walking & Biking Tours of Meteora

Monastery, Meteora

The natural beauty of Meteora is unparalleled and the best way to enjoy it is on foot or on bicycle. Have a look at these local tours for those who think that going from monastery to monastery in a bus might be kind of boring.


Meteora Half-day Tour from Kalampaka

Meteora Half-day Tour from Kalampaka is the perfect way to explore the amazing Meteora Monasteries. History, science and mythology alike have attempted to explain the formation of the sandstone mountain, but it is still a mystery which makes it one of the most unique places in the world and places it on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Its deep religious history offers many tales and legends as well. It is estimated that the first hermit monks settled on Meteora around the 10th century AD. It has since been a Christian sanctuary with a very complicated and rough history. 24 monasteries were built during its history, 6 remain to this day.

Go on a daytime tour of 3 of the 6 remaining monasteries in Meteora, learn the history and hear dark tales of the area from local guides. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and take photos from unbelievable positions. Give yourself the privilege of absorbing some of the most breathtaking sights, views and colors nature has to offer. Combine that with learning the history of the area and hearing impressive tales about the first hermits and monks who settled in Meteora, and you have a complete day of body and soul fulfilling activity.

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Hiking in Meteora

Hiking Tour of Meteora

Witness nature at its best and admire the historic monasteries on this morning escapade. The views are majestic and our tour guides will make sure you enjoy them through the most efficient paths, all while informing you about the history and tales of the area.

The hiking tour of Meteora is best possible way to experience this historic site and geological mystery. On this tour you will walk through paths less traveled by the masses, which only locals are able to guide you through. Follow the trails taken by the first hermits and monks to settle in Meteora in the 9th Century AD, enjoy views which most visitors do not get the opportunity to see!

We begin our trek at Doupiani rock, right under the remains of Pantokrator monastery. We continue through the imposing sandstone mountains and move to the north side of Meteora. There we visit the concealed monastery of Ypapanti and the remains of St. Dimitrious Monastery. While visiting these landmarks, you will hear the history, legends and dark tales associated with the area and each site as told by the locals.

Visit the Ypapanti monastery from the inside (it is open until October), and then the monasteries of Great Meteoron or Varlaam. After filling your soul and absorbing history, we begin the last leg of this one of a kind tour by taking the original paths monks used before more modern road construction began.

Difficulty level: Easy. We do suggest, though, that you are a generally active person to participate in this tour.

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Meteora Sunzset Tour

Meteora Sunset Tour from Kalampaka

Finish your day with a Meteora Sunset Tour while gazing at the sun slowly drop beneath the horizon. Experience this breathtaking scene in one of the most unique places on earth. If you find yourself on an excursion to Meteora, going on a Sunset Tour in Kalabaka is a must. Finish your day while gazing at the sun slowly drop beneath the horizon. Experience this breathtaking scene in one of the most unique places on earth. Meteora is considered the second most important historic site in Greece following the Acropolis. It is a complex of sandstone rocky mountains which took 60 million years to form. How they were formed remains a mystery. Listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, it is also the second largest monastic site in Greece following Mount Athos. 6 of the original 24 monasteries are still active. The history and tales are endless, as are the paths to explore this unique area. The local guides are more than capable of offering both. Spice up your Meteora visit with the Sunset Tour. Avoid the crowds by taking paths less traveled by the majority of tourists and hear the history and legend of the area by a local tour guide. Visit sites which tell the 27-century old story of the region like the Monastery of St. Nicholas Badova (Kofina) and the surrounding caves. Top it all off by watching the sun descend from the edges of the rocky mountain complex.

You have the option of combining the Sunset Tour with the Half-Day Tour or the Meteora Hiking Tour for a full day experience.

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Meteora Biking Tour

Meteora Biking Day Tour from Thessaloniki

Experience the sacred destination of Greece that combines nature’s wonder with history while biking through the incredible rocks of Meteora. Gather your friends and feel the adrenaline rush with this Meteora Biking Day Tour from Thessaloniki!

Meteora is world-famous for being one of the most important Orthodox monuments and religious sites in Greece. This stunning wonder of nature whose creation was a mystery for a very long time will take your breath away as soon as you land your eyes on it. The rocks, or also known as the “Columns Of The Sky”, hold 6 monasteries on top of them which date back to the 14th century. The most common way of visiting Meteora is by car or hiking to the top. However, for everyone that is feeling more adventurous and outdoorsy, we recommend seeing Meteora through a biking tour.

Experience this one-of-a-kind destination while cycling through the unique landscape. Admire this sacred monument of Greece and cycle your way to the top of the rocks between the century old monasteries. Get inside the monastery and feel the peacefulness and beauty of it. Spend your day learning about the history and culture of this place while enjoying this exciting biking activity. The biking tour is carefully designed to suit everyone’s needs, that is why no fitness readiness is required, allowing even even kids to join the fun. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in delicious traditional Greek delicacies in local taverns settled in colorful streets of Kastraki. Cycle your way through the charming villages of Meteora and admire the view from these rocky giants. You don’t have to worry about cherishing the memories forever as we will take pictures throughout the journey. All you need to do is have fun and enjoy yourself cycling in Meteora!

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