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Olive Oil Tours and Tastings

Olive Oil Tours

Welcome to our olive grove tour & tasting!
Sessions run Thursdays to Sundays, April to October

You're invited! Join us in our olive garden, surrounded by nature, tradition and culture! This is a fun, relaxing and informative tour about olive oil starting with a casual walk across our family olive grove and the olive trees that produce the rare Manaki variety. We will talk about the olive tree, the olive oil lifecycle, culture, history, myths and legends of olive oil! At the end of our walk, an olive oil tasting awaits you, led by an Olive Oil Sommelier; an experience that will change the way you see olive oil and will introduce you to a new world!

A unique experience just one hour from Athens! Whether you're a city dweller or an adventurer, this tasting is made for you!

Olive oil tour and tasting

5 reasons why olive oil tasting is for you!

Finally! This trip to Greece is becoming a reality! If you are looking to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience Greece like never before, then what better than getting to know Greek olive oil? Contrary to popular belief, you will be surprised to find out that olive oil is more than just a food!

Olive oil plays an integral role in Greek life. It is part of our culture, history, tradition, economy, religion, gastronomy, mythology and more! It is there in our lives when we are baptized, when we taste our grandmas' food to soothe us, when we celebrate with festive dinners or even when we just have a simple meal to gain back some precious energy! From north to south, Greece has many different olive varieties, each giving birth different, unique olive oils full of fresh aromas, complexity, harmony and personality! One could say olive oil is, indeed, the taste of Greece!

And it is definitely one of the best ways to converse with locals, find yourself surrounded by olive trees, bathe your soul in the welcoming warmth of an olive grove and dive into the adventurous world of olive oil!

As an olive oil sommelier, let me walk through some reasons why olive oil tasting with Oleosophia (in the village of Kalentzi near Corinth, Peloponnese) is just for you:

For starters, Oleosophia's olive garden is just about an hour away from Athens and Nafplio, making it very easy to get away from the buzzing sounds of the city but without spending too much of your time traveling. There, you will relax, surrounded by olive trees in a traditional, family olive garden where you will see the rare and sensitive olive variety of Manaki.

Guided by the producers themselves and award winning, knowledgeable professionals, you will understand what makes extra virgin olive oil so special and also, so unique and different from other oils!

You will enjoy different olive oil varieties from all over Greece, at the comfort of our kiosk, located at the highest point of our olive grove and with an amazing view of olive trees and grapes.

Your nose and tongue will definitely be put to the test, in a fun, detective-like way to seek and identify those aromas and flavors, experiencing different flavor profiles yourself!

The element of surprise is key in this one: you will enjoy some inspirational food pairing shots that will help you see the many ways you can use extra virgin olive oil in your kitchen and how it can be your ally in enhancing your home gastronomy.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates, used to say Let thy food be thy medicine and he knew was he was talking about! Together, we will explore the health benefits and high nutritional value that extra virgin olive oil has and learn how to select a high quality one from the shelf, how to read a bottle label and how to use, store and enjoy it properly!

At the end of the olive oil tasting with Oleosophia, you will have experienced Greece through your senses and you will see your wellness in a new light and become olive oil ambassadors, forging fond memories and friendships with the locals.

You can easily book your experience with us online or reach out if you have more specific questions to help you with! We look forward to welcoming you to our grove and sharing the love we have for olive oil, one sniff at a time.

Safe travels everyone and see you soon!

Yours truly,
Marianna Devetzoglou
Olive oil sommelier
Kalentzi, Corinth

Olive Oil tour

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