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Renting Cell Phones in Greece

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Greece Travel-Phones-Mobile Phone Rentals

Travel secure and in-touch with a cell-phone pre-programed with your personal and professional contacts, travel agents, hotels and help... and know your phone number in Greece before you leave home.... I got my phone service from Greece Travel Phones at least 10 years ago and I still have it
- Matt Barrett

Advantages of Renting from Greece Travel Phones:

  • You have your own number so it is easy for people to contact you anytime. Children, relatives, friends or business.
  • No Outrageous phone bills from hotels when you call home.
  • No surprises on your telephone credit card.
  • No need to figure out how the pay-phone system works or to search for phone booths.
  • You are not charged for incoming calls as long as the phone is in Greece.  People who call you pay the normal rate for a regular phone call to a Greek cell phone in Greece.
  • No roaming charges whatsoever inside Greece.  Roaming charges are applied only when the phone is taken outside of Greece.  (For example, in Turkey, Italy, France, or any other European country the phone will continue to provide you with service, but you will be charged for both outgoing and incoming calls.
  • No need to sit in your hotel waiting for a call from America because of the difference in time-zones.
  • You can book your trip as you go, calling your local travel agent who can find you hotels on your next island.
  • Your phone comes with a guided tour service for over 40 important archaeological sites throughout Greece. Let's say that you are on Santorini. If you dial the number "1230" you will hear a short description of Ancient Thera which will help you to view the ruins with a more educated eye.  (Note that this service costs Euros 0.39 per minute, which is deducted from your phone's pre-paid for calling time.)
  • You will receive your phone number well before your departure, so that you can give it to family, friends and business, and, leave it on your answering machine.
  • You are accessible 24 hours a day even in the most remote Greek Island or village. Your family, friends and associates can find you at any time.

    .....And if you want to be out of reach, turn off your phone and get messages from the 24-hour voice mail service..

How our mobile phone renting system works:

  • Just send us an e-mail message to: and we will send you a form to fill out and answer any specific questions you might have.
  • You can pay in advance through Paypal or you can pay in cash upon delivery at your hotel.
  • We will deliver your phone to you at your hotel in the Athens area free of charge or we can deliver it to any hotel anywhere else in Greece for a small Euro 15.00 fee.
  • Our phones are "pay-as-you-go" type card phones.  Normally, this means that you need to buy calling time, install it into your phone and then place your calls.  Then, as you run out of calling time, you can buy and add more.  But, for our customer's convenience, we deliver phones with Euros 100 minutes of FREE calling time already installed that you can use for both local (calls to Greek landline or Greek cell phones) and for calls to several countries including the United States, Italy, Albania, and Russia.  The FREE calling time can be used for placing calls to other countries, but these calls will use up your calling time at a much faster pace.  If you use up your 100 minutes of FREE calling time, you can add more calling time by purchasing a recharge card from any of thousands of sales points throughout Greece.   
  • You can send and receive SMS text messages using your FREE calling time.
  • The phone comes charged and ready to go and you can send us a dozen or so names and numbers of your family, friends, travel agent etc so that we can  pre-program them into it your phone’s memory for you quick dialing convenience.

The Cost: The mobile phone rental fee is Euros 10.00 per day for a minimum of 1 week (7 days).  This means that if you need the phone for less than 7 days, you will still need to pay the minimum € 70.00 rental fee for a full week.  If you need the phone for more than 7 days, then each additional day is charged at the rate of € 3.00 per day.  For example, a rental involving 10 days would cost € 79.00.  In addition, we require that our clients submit a security deposit in the amount of € 50.00.  This deposit is refunded in full immediately upon the return of the phone and its battery charger in good working order.  These rates are applicable for rentals of up to 30 days.  Longer term leases are also available upon special request.  The phone will be delivered with a fully charged battery, a battery charger, easy to understand instructions in English, and 100 minutes of FREE calling time.

Tom Mazarakis

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