The day the men had their race through the streets of Athens it must have been 110f with about 90% humidity. The next day when the women rode it was clear, windy and beautiful. The best way to watch this sport was to wander around downtown until you came to a baracade and then ask someone how long since they had passed. It took about 15 minutes to do the course. You knew when they were coming because first you would see a couple police motorcycles, then a couple official Olympic cars, then you would hear the helicopter and then the bikes would appear. After the bikes came several dozen cars (every one a Hyundai) each with the name of a country and a bicycle or two on the roof. The best way to watch the finish was to go back to the hotel and see it on TV. In this photo they have just passed the Parliment building. Lycavettus Hill is in the background, which they have just come down. From there they will go around the Acropolis and up Athinas street.