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Photos of Greece in the 60s 
by Nicholas Econopouly

Nicholas Econopouly in Kalithea, LaconiaIn 1963 my family moved to Greece for a year while my father taught at the University of Athens. We returned to the USA in 1964 and then moved back to Greece in 1968. The whole time we were there my father was taking photos. In 2005 I scanned my father's slides of Greece and undertook the task of cleaning them up. As anyone who has found old slides in their basement knows, they can get pretty damaged. But with the miracle of digital photo-editing anything is possible and I was able to clean up most of them and put together this window on Greece in the sixties. This page is of course dedicated to my father Nicholas Econopouly who took all of these photos. Many of them he used in his classes and though my father hated computers I think he would be happy if he knew what I have done with his photos and how many people are seeing them. I have to admit I feel a little sad for him. I remember when he would announce to us that we were going on a family trip for a three-day weekend or Easter break and I would be horrified. But he would get us all in the car or to the ferry and off we would go. I would be miserable of course. Who wants to spend a  long weekend with your family seeing yet another ancient Greek temple? Yet here I am almost 50 years later enjoying these photos a lot more than I remember enjoying the trips. So this is my way of saying thanks Dad. You were right. And now I know what you went through when I try to get my daughter to take a family trip around Greece. -Matt Barrett

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Athens Part 1

Athens Part 2

Historical Athens

The Mainland

The Greek Islands Part 1

The Greek Islands Part 2

The Peloponnesos Part 1

The Peloponnesos Part 2


Before and After

Dedicated to my father
Nicholas Econopouly

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