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What is a Flotilla?

Sailing flotilla, Greek islands

One popular way of cruising the Aegean is in a flotilla which is a group of boats sailing together under the supervision of a lead boat operated by the charter company. Flotillas are arranged so that singles, couples and small groups who donít know each other can join together and form a flotilla of about 6 boats. The staff assists in itinerary planning and helping the participants learn the local conditions, translate, find the best restaurants - in other words - they help you make the most of the experience. It is a great way to make new friends, kind of the grown-up version of summer camp. These are not small boats. These are nice boats between 30-60 feet. Although you will have a skipper experienced with sailing in the Greek waters, at least one person on each boat is required to have an internationally recognized sailing certificate. There are also special interest flotillas for example archaeology, or culinary and even flotillas for naturalists. (In other words you sail around naked)

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