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Sailing in Greece: Seascape's World of Adventure Sailing

Seascape Adventure sailing in the Greek Islands and Turkey

Are you a traveller with an independent mindset, looking for an adventurous way of experiencing Greece and / or Turkey? Or are you a keen sailor already, and love how a yacht can escape the usual well-beaten tourist tracks; an insider's view of a new country and culture.

We are one of the very few companies in the Aegean who offer sailing adventures that you can join as a single or a couple—on our own yachts. In this part of the world, that's important!! We are a small, owner-operated business—hence the SeaScape folks you talk to via phone or email will probably be the ones sailing with you. So we care a great deal that we get the right mix of people on a boat—no whiners, no hairdryers, no worriers—just fun, easy-going fellow adventurers. You can join us as a single or a couple or bring your own group of friends.

Sailing experience - do I need any ? No! Many people who join our boats are first time "newbies"… for those who'd like to learn, our skippers are more than happy to teach you the ropes. Experienced sailors are also very welcome to take the helm and tweak the sails as much as they like!!

One week trips ? No problem! Though our sailing dates are mostly arranged into two week routes, it's easy to join for either the first or second week of most trips. Contact us for more itinerary info.

Whole boat charters Have your own group of friends/family you'd like to sail with? Our whole boat charter rates do offer a significant saving when booking as a group. Please see our "Bring Your Own Group" details sheet.

Group Organisers - We know only too well how much work it is!! So if you think you can inspire and coordinate your club / social group, etc, to take 2+ boats - talk to us! We can organize guaranteed per person rates, and of course, a well-earned "group leader" deal !

Singles Our prices are based on a shared double cabin, and this is what the majority of our clients opt for. However, for those who would prefer their own cabin, it is sometimes possible to book a double cabin for one person; cost is 1.5 times regular price. This option is not available on all trips, so please check with us.

Our "Mostly Singles" sailing groups Prefer to know you're not going to be a third wheel?? Check out our "mostly singles" groups, we have one each month from April - Oct !

On-shore costs to budget for: Very few! The boat is your floating home, transport and entertainment all rolled into one! We do eat dinners in local tavernas generally - costs averages around $15 USD pp for a feast of starters and mains, drinks too (less for the smaller appetite and/or non-drinkers!). There are a couple of islands where it's fun to rent a scooter/jeep and explore (scooters are around $10-15 /day, jeeps work out similar per person if shared). In Turkey, a fully guided historic tour for the day is around $30. Of course, there are the terribly-tempting Turkish bazaars, and the sky is the limit on one's budget there!!

Greece is SeaScape's original "home", where we started our shareboat concept back in '91. Despite the fun we've had expanding to other exotic destinations, we're still in love with our home islands, and our wonderful local friends who make all the difference to our clients by their spontaneous, outgoing hospitality.Why the Dodecanese islands? Firstly, because they are well off the usual "package tour" routes, and so retain many of the Greek traditions which are sadly now lost to the more well-known "touristy" islands. If you'd prefer to stay within sailing distance of McDonalds - choose an Athens charter base, or visit the islands every has heard of (Mykonos, Santorini, etc). But for those of us who would rather experience a little of the "real" local culture, one has to make a little more effort these days. We think it's worth it.

Secondly, we chose these islands for their prevailing wind conditions. On average, 20-25 knots in midsummer; not too strong, as it can be in the Cyclades (getting stuck in port is no fun!); but plenty strong for some exciting sailing—unlike eg, the Ionian; very beautiful, but very little wind!

And lastly, but certainly not least - we chose this family of islands for their ambience and community feeling - the wonderful welcome which our local friends and "adopted families" give to our SeaScape Sailors. One of our guests some years ago gave us all one of the best compliments, when he wrote in our Ship's Log:

"When you sail with SeaScape, you never feel like just another tourist".

Our SeaScape Sailors around the World!
We're very proud of the fact that we have the Best Sales Force in the World out there - our former clients! Many of them have volunteered to act as references for folks who'd like to chat to our SeaScape alumni about their trips, to get an independent viewpoint. Contact us if you'd like to talk with any of them.

You can get more information and advice as well as book your cruise through David at GM Charters with this form

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