Since 1969, the Athens Centre has been a focal point for academic and cultural activities in Greece. The Centre's Greek Language Program, one of the most prestigious and comprehensive in the world, is offered on a year-round basis. The Centre also offers Semester Abroad programs with participating colleges and universities in the United States. These comprehensive programs emphasize classical, Byzantine, and modern Greek studies. The Athens Centre cultural programs include a touring Theatre Festival which arranges productions every summer. Special summer workshops in poetry, art and modern Greek take place each year on the island of Spetses.

Other cultural events take place at the Soapfactory, a restored industrial plant in the Athens suburb of Marousi.

Athens Centre Programs

I. Language Classes

The Centre offers modern Greek language classes, from beginning through advanced levels, to adults of all nationalities. New classes are offered every month on a year-round basis in Athens. A special three week summer session is offered on the island of Spetses. (Click to open)

II. Classics Semester Programs

In conjunction with selected American colleges and universities, the Centre coordinates programs emphasizing classical, Byzantine, and modern Greek studies.

III. Special Interest Programs

Summer Art and Poetry Workshop on the island of Spetses.

Both are three week sesssions open to adults of all nationalities. The language of instruction in English. ( June 23-July 15 2001)

The Centre offers 3 and 4 week travel-study programs in Greece and Turkey for students, teachers and interested adults. The programs emphasize the history and archaeology of the Mediterranean basin and the Levant.

Examples of this type of program are a three week session on ancient Greek justice with Hiram College and a four week program of ancient philosophy with Simmons College.

IV. Cultural Programs

The Centre organizes poetry readings, theatre productions, exhibits, and other cultural events in Athens and on the islands, which are open to the public. Every summer, The Athens Centre Theatre Festival hosts American theatre companies performing classic Greek plays in English translation, and other major productions.

V. European Union Programs

In conjunction with NGO's in Europe, the Centre coordinates special programs with emphasis on cultural tourism and environmental matters. The last program in which the Centre was involved was the Leonardo Da Vinci Program on Cultural Tourism.

The Athens Centre's
Modern Greek Language program is considered to be the most comprehensive of its kind. Training much of the diplomatic and business community in Greece, it is widely regarded as a benchmark for language programs worldwide. The program is based on a comprehensive, integrated approach to learning modern Greek.

Courses are scheduled throughout the year and include beginning through advanced proficiency levels. The syllabus has been created to teach the language to adults of all nationalities, using textbooks developed at the Centre. Classes are small, with an average of 8-12 participants in each course.

The Centre publishes a Newsletter four times a year, which lists these and other events. If you are interested in receiving a complimentary copy of this newsletter, please send the Centre an email request.

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