Hellenic Culture Centre
Greek language courses in Greece

The Kentro Ellinikou Politismou (Hellenic Culture Centre) organises Modern Greek language courses every year. The courses take place in Arethoussa, a very small village in the picturesque island of Ikaria (summer courses: May - October) as well as in Athens (all year). These courses are intended for:
- adults of any nationality wishing to learn Greek or to improve their Greek while acquiring a deeper acquaintance with Greece its culture;
- interpreters and translators;
- students and teachers of Modern and Ancient Greek
- foreign residents of Greece.

People who choose to learn Modern Greek usually wish to communicate with Greek people and understand Greek culture. Through our programme we wish to give our students the opportunity to talk with Greeks, to communicate using Greek, to feel at ease in the language while greatly improving their knowledge of it. Our intention is to help them discover the history and civilisation of modern Greece, as well as the dreams and fears of its people. When the course is completed, we want our students to be more motivated to continue learning Greek. We hope to accomplish this by making those who attend the course feel like “guests” and not “tourists”; “traveller - explorers” and not “students” .

The Centre offers Intensive Greek language courses and Special language courses: literature, legal terminology, courses for interpreters and translators.
Classes are held on weekdays (Monday - Friday) in small groups of 4-10.n Each seminar lasts for 2 weeks (60 hours): The core of the programme is the teaching of the language (4 hours daily - 40 hours in two weeks). Apart from this, the school organises lectures, interviews, slide and video projections and conversation classes, on specific issues such as art, literature, ecology, nature, history, architecture, professions, politics etc. We also organise activities designed to allow our students to discover Greece and its people and to become acquainted with Greek culture: going to events organised by other institutions; visiting important museums, art galleries and exhibitions; learning and dancing folk dances; watching videos of modern Greek films; going on field trips and excursions to areas of unique natural beauty and cultural significance; cooking and eating traditional dishes with the teachers in the village square or a hospitable home; talking with local authorities and ordinary people; and many more ….

Our staff consists of young but experienced Greek teachers. Our teaching method is based on developing all the language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). Material from the outside world - such as songs, newspapers, the radio, literary and other original texts - are used in the courses, according to the students’ levels. Textbooks and other school materials are also used. A good grounding in grammar is provided through guided and communication exercises.

The Centre also offers:
Three months’ language perfection programme (private lessons, 12 weeks - 180 hours) intended for translators and interpreters and long term courses (private lessons as well as participation in groups) orientated to the special needs of each student. In Athens (only) the centre offers afternoon courses for permanent residents of Athens (groups of 4 - 10 students); and Private lessons.

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