The Island Center for the Arts presents a series of Programs for artists on the beautiful Aegean Island of Skopelos. The courses we offer are designed to allow you to immerse yourself in your artwork and in the life of a Greek Island. Once you've experienced The Island Center's Programs you'll understand why so many program veterans have returned to Skopelos to continue exploring the paths they have discovered here.

Our Programs in Greece originated in 1988 under the auspices of Massachusetts College of Art. The Island Center for the Arts is now an independent non-profit educational institution that works cooperatively with Universities and Art Colleges.

Island Center participants receive individualized instruction in small classes with experienced professors and instructors. We motivate our students to do their most personal work while the unique visual surroundings and cultural differences provide stimulating source material for self exploration in the media of choice.

The challenges and delights of exploring a new culture mean that learning at the Island Center is a process that goes beyond class time and fills every moment of the day. Our programs give artists of all levels the opportunity to expand their artistic vision in response to the legendary light and color of the Aegean.

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