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George the Famous
Taxi Driver of Greece

George's taxi

George the Famous Taxi Driver of Greece is practically an institution in Greece. George and his team have been providing excellent service to the people who have used my websites for more than 25 years. The list of people who have used him is endless and I have received hundreds of e-mails from people who have thanked me for recommending him. Nowadays there are lots of taxi drivers who do tours and pre-arranged airport transfers, but there will only be one George the Famous Taxi Driver and that is why I am proud to have him on my website. I know he will provide good service to the people I send to him. -Matt Barrett

Be sure to visit George's New Website which lists all his tours and services at

George the Famous Taxi Driver

My name is George Kokkotos. I am a taxi driver in Greece. Not an ordinary taxi driver. I am the Best Taxi Driver in Greece. At least that is what people say and that is what I am trying to be. Twenty five years ago I sold my restaurant in New York to come back to Greece where my family was and my heart will always be. I had saved enough money to begin a new life but in Greece things are not so easy as in America and so I became a taxi driver to support my family. Being a taxi driver in Athens is difficult. The fares are very low and gas is very expensive.

I realized that I did not want to be just another taxi driver in Athens, struggling to feed my family. I decided to become the best taxi driver in Athens and I made this my goal. I began to study the history of my country so I could offer information and be more then just a driver. My experience in my restaurant was good practice for speaking English and being a host and of course I speak Greek and can translate for my customers. Then I began to work with the travel agencies helping them with transfers from the airport to the hotels, to cruise ships, to ferry boats, anything to make their clients trip to Greece easier.

Sounion, Greece

Taxi Excursions in Athens and around Greece

Then I began to take people on excursions around Athens, to the Parthenon, the museums, shopping trips (I have saved many people money by being able to bargain for them), and to places like the lovely temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion(photo) where you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets in a dramatic setting and have lunch at one of the small fish tavernas on the beach below or along the coastal road from Athens. Then I started taking people to places like Delphi with its famous Oracle, Meteora and the monasteries on top of those big rocks, and to the Peleponessos too. I take people on day trips to historic Nafplion, the former capital of Greece, Mycenae and its impressive ruins, Corinth with the canal and the fortress above the city and many other places. On all the excursions we stop at beaches, quiet taverns, remote churches and monasteries because when you see Greece like this you have the freedom to see everything and to stop and look at anything that captures your interest. Be sure to visit George's New Website which lists all his tours and services at


Transfers and Tours

Lately people have hired me for tours of Athens and the surrounding area between flights and ferries. So if you arrive in the morning and you have a few (or many) hours before your ferry to the islands we can put your bags in the trunk, visit beaches, ancient sites, have a nice meal in a seaside taverna, and then I will take you right to your ferry. Or back to the airport if you are continuing by plane. When Matt Barrett arrives in Greece we go straight to a nearby beach for his first official swim (no matter how cold it is) and then to a taverna, have a lunch and for Matt to have his first official ouzo of the summer(I don't drink when I work). Then I drive him to his hotel so he can recover from his flight (and lunch).

I have taken people on long trips around the mainland and to the islands. I have even taken people to some of the best restaurants in and around Athens that would be very difficult to find on their own. I take people to out of the way beaches that most tourists will never see. Some travelers hire me to be there when their boat arrives from the island. They get off the boat and find me there ready to take them to their hotel, the airport or wherever they want to go. Some hire me to make sure they get to that early ferry or flight. Some want me to be at the airport to take them to their hotel because you feel a lot better about arriving in a new place when you know someone is waiting for you who speaks English and knows where you are going. I even help you to check in just in case there are any problems and if there are I won't leave you until they are resolved. I can also find out for you the exact ferry times for those who have trouble understanding the Greek ferry schedules so you can make the most of your time between the hotel, flights and ferries.

I have also taken Greek-Americans who are searching for their lost roots (like the TV show), to their ancestral villages where I was able to translate and locate family members and witness many happy reunions.

Mercedes Taxi

The Best Taxi Driver in Greece

I have a brand new Mercedes Taxi. Fully air-conditioned and very comfortable with leather interior. I drive very carefully and I do not smoke. In my car I carry the latest guidebooks and brochures for all the sites we visit so that if you get tired of looking at the beautiful countryside you can read about where we are going and ask me questions about what we will see. I can promise you that if you take a journey with me, whether it is a half day trip in Athens or a week long excursion around the country you will come back with an understanding of Greece that you will treasure and you will have perhaps the best vacation of your life. You will eat the best food and be treated like a guest of my country and when we say goodbye at the airport you will be saying goodbye to a friend you will always remember and hope to see again. That is why I say I am The Best Taxi Driver in Greece.

Contact Information for George's Taxi

George’s Taxi company can accommodate private groups from 1 to 18 people in Mercedes sedan, Van and mini-bus vehicles . Please e-mail for availability and pricing.

If you require limo service in luxury cars please contact Dennis at
E-mail is so unreliable these days that if you have an alternate e-mail address that George can cc his reply this is helpful.

TAXI RESERVATIONS (UP TO 4 PEOPLE) : 693-2205887 (cell phone) .* Please check operation hours
VAN/MINI-BUS RESERVATIONS : 693-2205887(cell phone) . *Please check operation hours

OPERATION HOURS : Please mind the time difference between your city and Athens. You may send an e-mail anytime however please only call between 8am till 10pm (Greece time) so we can get some sleep. In case you already have a reservation and need to reach us urgently,please use the numbers that have been given to you on your confirmation letter.

Calling Greece
From the USA: dial first 01130
followed by the 10 digit number.
From Europe: 0030 followed by the 10 digit number

Within Greece dial the number as show in the Contact Numbers

You can also read the Reviews from my customers

For those with infants I do have a have a car seat for the purpose of transporting your child in safety.
For groups too large for a taxi we now have a limo and bus available too.

Keep in mind also that we are not licensed tour guides, nor is any private taxi. That means by law we can not take you into the sites and give you a guided tour. We can tell you everything we know about the sites up until you enter the site but Greek archaeological sites and museums are very strict about using only licensed guides within the sites themselves. We can arrange for you to have a guide if you think it is necessary for you to have a full understanding of what you are seeing and there are guides available at most of the sites that you can hire.

Be sure to visit George's New Website which lists all his tours and services at

Sons of Greek Taxi: The Next Generation

Dennis Kokkotos Limo Tours and Transfers

Athens LimousineHello. I am George's son Dennis. After fulfilling my military obligation and finishing my studies as a physical-therapist I have decided to join my father in the family business assisting travelers to get from the airport to the city and elsewhere and also show them my adopted country. (I was born in the states but have lived in Greece most of my life ) I have a beautiful new Mercedes Limo. Fully air-conditioned and very comfortable. Yes it is a real limousine that can seat 7 comfortably (plus me). So if you are a larger group or you just want to arrive or see Athens in style, or if you are the type who always uses limousines you can e-mail me for prices or see our new website.

More than 7 people? No problem. Ask my brother Billy about our new bus.....

Billy's Bus Tours

Billy Kokkotos, Athens Mini Bus ToursHello. I am Billy Kokkotos and I have lived in Athens, a wonderful city of history, art and culture since I was 8 years old, when our family left the USA. After I graduated high school I went to Italy and UK to finish my studies in Economics. But when I returned to Greece I wanted to work with my father. This upset him in a way because I think he wanted me to become an Economist or something more, after spending so much time and money on my education. But for me personally, I prefer to interact with people and show them my country, rather than sit in front of a computer working with numbers and talking to people about money all the time. I explained to my father that my love of history and Greek culture, my ability to speak English and Italian fluently and the fact that I like being a host and showing people my city and my country, made me better suited to a career in tourism instead of Economics. Finally he relented and took me into the business and I joined him and my brother Dennis (who is a trained physical therapist who prefers to drive a limousine) and began by doing transfers from the airport and ports and eventually to doing tours on my own.

When my father realized that because the taxi only held four customers and the limo seven, the next step was to buy a small bus that we can use for larger groups. Believe it or not we bought the bus and spent almost a year getting it ready and finally we began to use it for the tours and transfers. I think you will agree that buses do not get much more comfortable than my Air-conditioned Mercedes Luxury which seats 12 people plus me. I can meet you and your group at the airport, your hotel or the ports of Pireaus, Rafina, or Lavrion. My goals are simple. I want to be as well-known and respected as a mini-bus driver as my father is with his taxi. Maybe I would have been a successful economist, who knows? All I know is that this is what I want to do with my life. This is what I was born to do. It is in my genes, I believe. Whether you need transfers from the airport to your hotel, or to the port of Pireaus or want to see the Acropolis, Temple of Sounion, or the many places to visit in and around Athens, day or night, I am at your service. See our new website for booking information and some photos.

Be sure to visit George's New Website which lists all his tours and services at

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