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Panagiotis' Thessaloniki Tours

Thessaloniki Tour

"No one can ever feel outcast as long as Thessaloniki exists". N. Choumnos, 14th century

Panagiotis Thessaloniki ToursWelcome to the city of the most hospitable people in Greece. My name is Panagiotis and I am a licensed tour guide with a master degree in History and Archaeology. I was born and raised in Thessaloniki. What I do is to help people get the most of their visit in the place I call home.

You may choose one of the tours I have already planned or ask me to make a custom made tour, perfectly adapted to your needs and interests. Thessaloniki and Northern Greece offer a variety of options to choose from for those who want to experience modern life, history, wine, food, spectacular scenes and take some beautiful pictures to remember!

And of course you will meet some of the most interesting people in one of the world's major crossroads, called home to Jews, Muslims, Christians, Pagans and others in the course of its long history as the most important city in the Balkans.

The Tours

Thessaloniki White Tower

Thessaloniki Walking Tour

Duration: 3-3,5 hours – Activity Level: Minimal

We start our walk from the heart of the city, the Aristotle Square. We walk through the oldest market place of Thessaloniki (Kapani) and leaving the sea promenade behind us, we see the Ancient Agora, which was the social, administrative and financial center of the city 1.500 years ago. Nowadays, the Agora is an interesting site embraced by modern life.

Our next stop is Saint Demetrios Church. The basilica of the 7th century did not survive after the Great Fire of 1917. Many years later, the church was finally restored and a secret place (crypt) was found at the basement. The church of Thessaloniki’s Patron Saint draws the attention of thousands of visitors every year.

After a short, 12-minute walk, we reach the Rotonda. Built by Caesar Galerius 1.700 years ago, the Rotonda is a real landmark for Thessaloniki. Part of a great monumental complex of buildings, the Rotonda was decorated with mosaics that we can still admire in the interior. The Arch and the Palace of Caesar Galerius round out our experience in the area, just before we reach the White Tower.

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St Dimitrios Church

Ano Poli Walking Tour

Duration: 3 hours – Activity Level: Moderate

Ano Poli is known as the Old Town of Thessaloniki. It is one of the very few areas that the great fire of Thessaloniki (1917) left untouched. Consequently, it is very different to the rest of the city. Interesting houses, beautiful doors, stone-paved alleyways, old churches and historical sites synthesize its story!

The tour is ideal for those who love visiting Unesco World Heritage sites (we see at least 5!). We start our tour from Saint Demetrios Church (7th century) and after a short walk, we see Geni Hamam (Aigli). Walking up the narrow streets of Ano Poli and after a few pleasant surprises, we reach and visit the church of Saint David -Moni Latomou (6th century). Our next stop is the Monastery of Vlatadon (14th century) and after walking a few minutes more we reach Trigoniou Tower.

During our walk, there places where we can stop to take pictures, watch the view or relax and have some coffee/refreshments. We may visit local pastry shops with a long tradition in pastry making and baking. Our last stop is the church of Saint Nicholas Orphanos (14th century).

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Thessaloniki Jewish Tour

Jewish Walk in Thessaloniki

Duration: 3 – 3,5 hours – Activity Level: Light

Once the biggest Sephardic Jewish community in Europe, Thessaloniki still has several places that remind us its rich past. Neighborhoods, buildings of great architecture, synagogues, markets and the Yahudi Hamam are just few of these. 

One of the darkest pages of Thessaloniki’s history was written in Eleftherias Square. That was the place chosen by the authorities for the Holocaust Memorial. Learn what locals’ opinion on that is. Without doubt, the Jewish Museum of the city is the highlight of the tour. Maps, pictures, findings, valuable objects offered by the Jewish community and the long list of victims, give us a complete view of life in “Madre de Israel”.

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Vergina Museum Tour – The Royal Macedonian Tombs

Duration: 1,5 or 3,5 hours – Activity Level: Minimal

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, Vergina amazes thousands of visitors every year. Mystery, golden wreaths, ivory decoration, the weaponry of Macedonians, burial customs that surprise and theories of archaeologists, compose one of the most interesting sites in Greece.

Entering the raised mound through a dark passage, makes you feel like archaeologist Manolis Andronikos when he unearthed the treasures of the Royal Macedonian Dynasty.

The gold larnax, the oak leaf wreath, the remnants of the pyre and “Persephone’s fresco” are just some of the highlights. Make your visit unique and captivating with a tour guide.

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Visit Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great

Duration: 3,5 - 4 hours – Activity Level: Light

Let's visit two different places, only 45 minutes far from Thessaloniki: the Archaeological Site of Pella and its Museum. When Macedonians moved their capital from Aigae (Vergina) to Pella in 400 BC, they couldn't imagine that it would be the birthplace of the greatest Greek, Alexander. 

How was life in the Macedonian capital? What about the mansions of wealthy citizens and the Ancient Agora? Where was the Palace? The Archaeological Site responds to all our questions.

The Museum of Pella is one of the most modern museums in Greece. Built in 2009, it hosts thousands of Pella's findings in its showcases. The uniqueness of Macedonian style and art is revealed, showing that sometimes simplicity is really precious. Live the experience of a well-organized museum that among others, hosts some of the oldest mosaics in the world.

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