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Thessaloniki, white tower

Meet Souzana Theodoridou

Souzana Theodoreou, Thessaloniki“What tours & activities in Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki can I do?” was the most common question tourists asked me for many years while I worked in various tourism businesses in Greece. And I wondered “Why do they ask me and they don’t just google it?”. I was pretty sure that such a big search engine would provide unlimited options for such a simple question. Until one day I searched myself, and I was baffled!!!  No results from local sites or businesses, no unique content (useful articles, photos, videos) and most of all, no online booking!

Our vision is to highlight the authentic Greek experience by connecting local activity providers with potential visitors. Who better to show visitors true Greek hospitality, than a true Greek? Imagine combining this with experiential and alternative activities. We do our best to hold high standards, so all activities are first tested by us so we can do our best to provide proper information and ensure a quality experience.

Our goal is to start from Northern Greece and soon spread all over the country. We aim to bring to the surface many small tourism businesses which offer unique experiences. Tourism in Greece is mostly associated with the sun and the sea, the food and the wine (or ouzo). Greece is also culture, history, tradition, people, and above all, a way of life!

Because… once in Greece, forever addicted to Greece!

See our Thessaloniki Based Tours

Food & Culture

Thessaloniki Evening Tour

Thessaloniki Sailing Tour

Wine Tour and Tasting

Thessaloniki  Horseback Riding

Canoe and Snorkeling

Loutra Pozar
Hot Springs

Professional Photo Shoot

Mount Athos Cruise

Halkidiki  Cruise

Sithonia Cruise

Jewish Walking Tour

Thessaloniki Balloon Tour

Vergina and Pella Tour

Dion and Litohoro Tour

Ottoman Walking Tour

Windsurfing Lessons

Halkidiki Sea Kayaking

Contact us about our private transfer services from the airport to Thessaloniki as well as to Athens, Meteora, Ouranopoulos, Halkidiki, Volos, Ioannina and just about anywhere you would like to go.
Thessaloniki Tour

Thessaloniki Food and Culture
6 hour Morning Tour: 119 Euros pp
You can also do a 4 hour version of this tour for 89 euros or a 2.5 hour tour for 59 euros
(Children half price)

Visitors in Thessaloniki have a lot to do. There are countless things to see and places to visit, from historical and cultural sights to its amazing seaside walkway. It takes a lot of energy to explore the city and people get hungry! Then, you have even more options to choose from, since our city has unlimited food and drink choices. Allow us to ease your mind on this matter with our 6 hour Thessaloniki Food and Culture Tour. You should only worry about building up your appetite, and we’ll help you take care of the rest.

Trust our experienced hosts to take you on a journey of flavors in our beautiful city. Your host will walk you through parts of town less visited so you can see what everyday life is like. Stop by local bakeries for snacks and pastries, they go well with some coffee! Enjoy your coffee as Greeks do with conversation about food or other traditions of the region. Move on to visit the open market, a place words can’t fully describe. See how downtown residents get their hands on fresh food and other goods.

Continue the tour by visiting eating establishments that would be hard to locate on your own. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory, we have you covered! Enjoy lunch and dinner flavors or sweets and pastries. Go behind the curtain and see how some of the delights are prepared, get special treatment from your hosts! Add unique essence to your visit in Thessaloniki by way of your taste buds and stomach. Your experience is now fulfilled and complete.

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Thessaloniki by night

Thessaloniki Evening Tour
5 hours
89 euros pp

Thessaloniki is known for its nightlife. It has the largest ratio of food/entertainment establishments per resident in Europe, and each one of these spots has something unique to offer. Allow us to take you through some of the hot spots so you can get a feel of the city’s vibrancy.

Meet with your host and start the evening off properly with a glass of wine and some conversation about the city and its people. Continue getting acquainted with your host and admiring contemporary pieces of art over a drink with Greek ingredients. Be ready to go behind the bar and mix your own drink with the guidance of an experienced bartender. Grab a bite at the end of your tour and decide for yourself if you want to call it a night, or if the night has just begun…

Throughout your experience you’ll have the chance to meet several locals besides your host. Don’t hesitate to ask the friendly people of Thessaloniki about their way of life, and of course don’t hesitate to share your own culture and experiences with them. Top quality food and drink are very important when you go out, we have that covered, but it’s the people you associate with that truly create the experience. So take the opportunity to enjoy what the city has to offer, let us save you some by arranging your evening out.

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Thessaloniki waterfront

Thessaloniki Sailing Tour
3 hour cruise
129 euros pp (but can be less depending on the number of people on the cruise)

Thessaloniki is a city with many things to see and do.  One of the main beauties is that fact that Thessaloniki is a coastal city situated in the middle of the Thermaic Gulf. The Coastal Walkway stretches about 4km from the Port to the Music Hall, with plenty of monuments, parks, shops, cafes/bars/restaurants along the way, and countless photo opportunities with the water (and Mount Olympus on a clear day!) in the background. How about this though: admiring Thessaloniki from the water and enjoying some food and beverages at the same time!

The Thessaloniki Sailing Tour is a must for visitors and even residents of the city! Gazing at the sea is so soul-warming that we forget how amazing it might be to look at the city from the water. This tour begins at Aretsou Marina in the neighboring town of Kalamaria. All you have to do is be there, jump on the boat and enjoy! A local host will accompany you through the tour and discuss local life. Meet your skipper and hear their marine stories as well! Drinks and traditional snacks (meze) will be part of the whole experience.

Look at Thessaloniki from a different point of view. Gaze at the whole city or focus on whichever sight draw your eye at the moment. Definitely leave enough memory (or film) in your camera, you’ll want to snap a shot of everything.

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Winery tour

Wine Tour and Tasting at Ktima Gerovasilliou in Thessaloniki
2 hours, 37 euros

Wine tasting at Ktima Gerovasilliou in Thessaloniki, a beautiful vineyard with a state of the art production, maturation and bottling facilities. A wine expert/guide will give you a tour of the estate, all the important parts of the process, and the wine museum. The best part of it all is the wine tasting.

Ktima Gerovassiliou is located in the town of Epanomi, 25km outside Thessaloniki.  At Ktima Gerovassiliou the 80-hectare vineyard is cultivated with great care and enthusiasm with the help of Mother Nature and the special Mediterranean climate. The founders and their expert associates constantly research and experiment with Greek and foreign varieties, both popular and less known. Tradition and technological advancements are combined in order to come up with the best possible result: top quality wine.

Takes pride in its beautiful vineyard and state of the art production, maturation and bottling facilities. A wine expert/guide will give you a tour of the estate, all the important parts of the process, and the wine museum.

The best part of it all is the wine tasting. Try the Malagousia variety, a Ktima Gerovassiliou original. Taste other original Greek varieties like Limnio and Assyrtiko, or classic foreign varieties like Syrah and Chardonnay. Learn how to taste wines like the pros!

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Horseback riding in Greece

Horse Riding in Thessaloniki
4 hours. Rates vary

Give your family or yourself the unique experience of Horse Riding in an amazing setting! Live the cowboy dream in Ziogas Western City, an alternative tourism – agritourism site! There are 3 options: For Families, Beginners or Experienced riders

Looking for family activities in Thessaloniki or its surrounding area? Thinking of what to do with the kids while in Halkidiki? Take your family Horse Riding for a day! Ziogas Western City is a lovely town in the woods, about a half hour from Thessaloniki. Escape the hustle and bustle of the big city (even while on vacation!) and savor the beauty and tranquility of the countryside. At Ziogas, you and your family can go on a horse ride through pure nature.

Start your day by having a walk around the farm. You’ll be able to see several farm animals and how they are taken care of! Continue your walk around the general vicinity and absorb the fresh air. Let your kids run around and play, enjoy them while they’re admiring nature’s true gifts to us!

When you’re ready, get acquainted with the friendly horses and enjoy riding with professional overseeing. Ziogas Western City also has ponies on site for our smaller friends. Smaller children may also ride on the same horse with a parent. After riding through the beautiful hills, have a snack and beverage at the Saloon and enjoy more outdoor activities. Grownups will love it, children will adore it. Saddle up partner!

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snorkeling in Greece

Canoe and Snorkeling in Thessaloniki
35 euros per person

Join our Canoe and Snorkeling in Thessaloniki and enjoy a unique experience of exploring the waters of Aegean Sea with a canoe! Plus you get a chance to dive in and snorkel among its incredible sea life!

There is nothing like exploring the waterways of the Aegean Sea than with a canoe! The vegetation and sea life in the area of Angelochori is truly astonishing. Angelochori area is known for being the home to many rare species of birds. As a result, one of the most popular activities (beside water sports) is bird watching in this region. If you look carefully there is a good chance you’ll spot something pink – move closer and you will see it is a beautiful flamingo! The waters in Angelochori are full of amazing animals and plants you can see above and below the water. We therefore suggest trying out snorkelling in these waters, so you don’t miss a thing! After the fun activities you can spend your free time in the Greek taverns and try some of the traditional Greek delicacies. We also recommend taking a walk to the lighthouse from where you will have the best view of the summer sunset!

A canoe is a light weighted narrow vessel that is steered by one or two people using a paddle. After you have spent two hours canoeing it is ideal time to grab some snorkels and dive into the waters! There is incredible and diverse sea life in this area that is just waiting for you to explore it! There is one thing we can guarantee and it is that you will definitely have a memorable experience!

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Loutra Posar Hot springs

Private Hiking and Bathing at Loutra Pozar
150 euro per group up to 6 people

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime, hiking in Greece’s untouched landscapes in one of the most unique places to visit near Thessaloniki and a visit to the hot mineral baths at Lotra Pozar!

Are you the adventurous type? Do you love backpacking and exploring new lands? Do the wild nature and green forests excite you? Then be ready for the experience of a lifetime, hiking in Greece’s untouched landscapes in one of the most unique places to visit near Thessaloniki! The perfect excursion from Thessaloniki (only 1 hour away), in the town of Aridaia, you can visit the world renowned area of Loutra Pozar, known for its Thermal Springs and lush forest landscape. Follow the path to Kounoupitsa Waterfall, which delivers a sensational view of the St. Nicholas Stream and Canyon. And if you want something less active, no problem! Take a small walk through Loutraki’s paths and bathe in the Thermal Springs for a detoxification and relaxation session.

Explore the natural springs and bathe in the salutary waters at no extra cost. You may choose a private bathing session in thermal water or to swim in thermal water pool. Take it to the next level by arranging a VIP sauna, steam room, or massage session in advance (these options are not included in the package and carry an extra charge.). All you need to bring with you is a swimsuit and a towel.

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Thessaloniki Photograph

Professional Photoshoot in Thessaloniki

Have a professional photoshoot in Thessaloniki, be a model for a day and showcase your persona in one of the most beautiful places in the world! Keep your memories from Greece alive forever. Remember moments under the bright sun, from a relaxing evening, or a crisp night. Save the energy and emotion of your getaway to Thessaloniki forever! We strive to leave you with pictures that capture the essence of your trip. Have a family vacation photoshoot, keep pictures from a romantic escape, or simply be a model for a day and showcase your persona in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

The city of Thessaloniki has a deep, rich history, which is kept alive by the countless monuments and relics of its 3000 year old past. Have a professional photographer in Thessaloniki snap some high quality shots of you and your family alongside them.

Photoshoots can be done on the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, or the cozy streets of Thessaloniki by our professional photographers. Choose your background landscape among the blue sea, the green mountains with rich vegetation, or take a piece of Greek Civilization with you from one of the many ancient sites. Take advantage of the bright colors, the face of a big city or the spirit of antiquity. We have a wide variety of suggestions for every taste.

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Mount Athos Cruise

Mount Athos Cruise
20-25 euro Price depends on whether you take the cruise from Ouranoupolis or Ormos Panagias

The most intriguing place in Greece is Mount Athos. For more than 1,000 years it has been a refuge for monks, so only male visitors can  step foot on its hallowed soil, after being issued a special permit. Fortunately, the breath-taking landscapes and some of the 20 Orthodox monasteries can be seen from a boat trip.

A Mount Athos Cruise is an experience of a lifetime! It is a fabulous opportunity to feel the spiritual aura of this sacred place and admire the magnificent architecture of the Byzantine monasteries along with the majestic landscape surrounding them. It may be on most people’s top 5 list of what to do in Chalkidiki.

Mount Athos excursion is one of the most popular cruising destinations in Greece and every summer it attracts many visitors from around the world. Even if you aren’t so interested in the spiritual significance of this mysterious and miraculous place (the center of Orthodoxy for centuries), you should at least allow yourself enjoy a unique view of the monasteries which are built on a beautiful virgin landscape and have been facing the Aegean Sea for over ten centuries.

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Halkidiki Catamaran Cruise

Halkidiki Catamaran Cruise
120 euros per person. Ask about Group Rates

Have you ever dreamed about being on a luxurious catamaran, surrounded by turquoise water, nibbling on delicious snacks, while the soft summer wind breezes through your hair? Well, this Daylight Cruise in Halkidiki will make your dreams come true!

Our dreamy adventure is starting from the port of Nikiti and continues to the gorgeous islands and beaches of Sithonia. Sithonia is the second peninsula of Halkidiki and it is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Greece. Just a couple of characteristics that make this place so popular are its beautiful beaches and its tall pine trees! Also, we can’t forget about the crystal clear water with its myriad shades of blue. This scenery is simply made for cruising around in a catamaran. The trip ends in the same location, which means that you will have time to spend wandering around the charming Nikiti.

Our trip starts in the morning hours in port of Nikiti where you embark on a modern catamaran. A hostess and the captain will then welcome you before heading off to the first destination – Kalogria beach. Once you have reached the beach you can choose what you would like to do, from different water sports to just laying in the soft sand sunbathing. The catamaran is equipped with Stand Up Paddle board equipment as well as snorkelling masks so that you can have a complete adventurous experience. The catamaran is also fully equipped with all necessities for a comfortable ride, such as air-condition, cabins for where you can change your clothes or put your kids to sleep, hot showers, etc. During this cruise you have the chance of visiting some of the most breathtaking beaches and islands of Sithonia as well as snacking on delicious treats and drinks prepared by the crew. The captain will also take you to all the must-see and secret spots that only locals know.

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Sithonia Cruise

Cruise along Sithonia in Halkidiki
30 Euros per person

Try an all-day Swimming & Fun Cruise along Sithonia. Visit sites in Halkidiki’s Second Leg, Sithonia, which can only be accessed by sea.

If you are wondering about what to do in Halkidiki, try an all-day Swimming & Fun Cruise along Sithonia. Visit sites in Halkidiki’s Second Leg, Sithonia, which can only be accessed by sea. You’ll be mesmerized by the green forests, sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water en route. There is no better way to spend the day than sailing the Aegean Sea and visit heavenly beaches and islands along the way. Spend quality time under the sun and enjoy swimming in the amazing waters. Enjoy eating and dancing, take advantage of the scheduled stops during the trip.

This cruise offers the traveler the unique experience of sailing over coral reefs rich in rare sea life, and along beaches of unparalleled natural beauty. This daily cruise is the ideal activity for families and company of friends that wanna enjoy Halkidiki’s crystal clear waters!

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Jewish Walking Tours

Jewish Monuments Walking Tour in Thessaloniki
250 Euros per group up to 6 people

The Jewish Monuments walking tour in Thessaloniki will guide you past some of the most influential monuments of which have great historical significance to the once substantial Jewish population in Thessaloniki

With Greece being so rich in history, why not explore the historical secrets that Thessaloniki has to offer? Want to learn more about the history of the Jewish population in Thessaloniki? Then this is the tour for you! On this Jewish monument walking tour, you will discover various historical facts that you may have never known about. The history of the Jewish population in Thessaloniki dates back to as far as two thousand years ago. Thessaloniki housed a large population of Jewish citizens up until the middle of the Second World War with over 50 percent of all Thessalonians being Jewish residents. As a result of the ever-growing community, Thessaloniki gained the name, Mother of Israel. This Jewish monument walking tour is a perfect way to take a stroll around the beautiful city. Thessaloniki has more to offer than just its admirable history, it is also known for its famous board walk directly in front of the sea, the many traditional taverns, coffee shops, bars and shopping areas.

If learning more about cultures and ancient history is something that you find truly exciting then this Jewish Monument walking tour in Thessaloniki is especially designed for you! The tour itself is around three hours long, there are four monuments that will be visited along the way including two Jewish synagogues that are still in function, these were places where the community gathered for worship. The Jewish monument walking tour continues by visiting the monument of the holocaust in commemoration the Jews that lost their lives in the concentration camps. The tour ends in the neighborhood of Valaoritou which holds significance to the Jewish community.

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Thessaloniki Balloon Tour

Thessaloniki Hot Air Balloon Tour
350 euros per person. Contact us for group rates

Experience Thessaloniki in a way you never dreamed of – from a hot air balloon! Don’t miss out on this unique chance to have an adventure that you will remember forever with our hot air balloon tour at Thessaloniki!

Thessaloniki is a city that you can experience in many different ways, you can sail around it, ride on the tour bus, or wander around it; either way the city is gorgeous no matter from which perspective you see it. However, we offer you a unique way to admire our favourite city – from a hot air balloon. Seeing beautiful Thessaloniki from this perspective is truly something words fail to describe. The view of Ano Poli’s fortress standing tall on the hill, or the majestic White Tower or the picturesque Ladadika is a view that will take your breath away. This sounds like something you dreamt about? Hop on this hot air balloon and let us make your dreams come true!

Our adventure will start early in the morning because this is when the flying conditions are optimal for hot air balloons. Trust us, the whole experience is worth waking up early in the morning! The flight crew will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the takeoff location. Here, the balloon will be set up for inflation. Once everything is set, it is time to head up in the skies. The hot air allows the balloon to slowly rise so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the view during takeoff. Once you are up in the air you will feel relaxed while admiring the breathtaking view of Thessaloniki in silence. Afterwards, it is time to start slowly descending on the firm ground. When we finish our descent, the pilot will make a toast with champagne to mark this incredible experience. There are also flight certificates and small souvenirs waiting for you. If you ask us, this tour above Thessaloniki can’t get any better!

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Vergina and Pella

Vergina and Pella Tour from Thessaloniki
550 euros per group up to 6 people

Discover the ancient Greek capital Vergina and observe the historic artefacts preserved to tell the story of the country’s greatest ruler – Alexander the Great. Visit Pella, the king’s birthplace and see the outstanding archaeological sites from this famous era. Take a road down history lane with this Vergina and Pella tour from Thessaloniki.

One of the greatest era in Greek history is the ruling years of King Philip and his son Alexander the Great. During this flourishing era of father and son, Greece developed significantly in historic and cultural ways. To this day, we can still observe artifacts that have been preserved through the years that date back to those times. Small city of Vergina is located near Thessaloniki and used to be the ancient capital of Macedonia. The city nowadays commemorate those ancient times through its museums and archaeological sites. Not so far away from it is the charming city of Pella, known worldwide as birthplace of King Alexander the Great. Pella houses remarkable archaeological sites that amaze all history lovers around the world.

One of the most popular activities to do in Thessaloniki for history lovers, involves visiting the historic cities of Vergina and Pella. This tour will give you the opportunity to see one of the most imposing museums in Europe along with remarkable archaeological ruins. Visit Vergina and see the fascinating Royal Tomb where the remains of King Philip ll lie and learn more about the legacy he left behind him. Explore the historic remains in the local palace and acropolis and visit the Vergina museum for other interesting artifacts. Stroll around the ancient sites of Pella and discover the mesmerizing mosaic tile work of art and religious sanctuaries displayed in the museum. Find more about the impressive era of Alexander the Great and interesting stories from the everyday life in ancient Macedonian times.

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Mount Olympus

Dion and Litochoro History Tour
550 euros per group up to 6 people

Ever wonder why Mount Olympus was so popular among the Greek Gods? Or how about why Dion was once an ancient civilization to the Macedonians? Wear your comfortable shoes, because we will answer all your history questions on the Dion and Litochoro History Tour from Thessaloniki!

Ancient Greek history is quite popular around the world. We are confident that you are familiar that Zeus was the ruling God in Greek mythology. For those who wish to find out more about similar Greek mythologies and to learn more about Alexander the Great and his time here in Greece, then this is the tour for you! This Dion to Litchoto history tour includes visiting the village of Dion which has become popular over the years since archaeologists found remains of the ancient Macedonian civilization there. Dion is located at the foot of  Mount Olympus and it is just above one hour drive away from Thessaloniki. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and is filled with natural parks, landscapes and an abundance of different animal species. However, the one thing that has always made this mountain famous is the old belief that ancient Greek Gods used to live here. And the village of Dion is actually an ancient sanctuary for the mightiest god of them all- Zeus.

Due to the mountain’s beauty it comes to no surprise that ancient Macedonians chose Dion as the place for their summer resident. Today, we can see what was left of their residence, the tombs of kings and ancient sculptures that decorated the building. Also, an archaeological museum was founded on this place so that all the remains are preserved and available for generations to come. On this history tour from Dion, you will be able to visit the famous archaeological park and the sanctuary of Zeus. You will find out first hand why this place was so important and sacred to Macedonians during the times of the king Philip II and his son Alexander the Great. Another stop on our history tour is the ancient theatres near Dion that still serve their function during the Mount Olympus festival that takes place annually. After our walk and soaking up all the knowledge, it is time for a small break in the traditional Greek village of Litochoro. This charming village is full of picturesque squares, small coffee shops and taverns. There is so much for you to learn and discover on this history tour from Dion to Litochoro!

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Turkish mosque in Thessaloniki

Ottoman Monuments Walking Tour in Thessaloniki
250 euros per group up to 6 people

This Ottoman Monuments Walking Tour in Thessaloniki will take you around the city to bear witness some of the most influential sites in both Turkish and Greek history.

Greece is home to one of the richest history known to man, with so many stories and extravagant antiquity; this Ottoman walking tour will help you get to learn all about this important era in Greek history right in Thessaloniki. The Greeks were ruled by the Turks for over 400 years, with that being said the Turkish culture has played a major influence over Greek tradition and culture. However, regardless of the everlasting Turkish rule over Greece and the Greek people, the Greeks stayed true to who they were, their heritage and most importantly their culture that they held onto so tightly. Even though Thessaloniki is known for its historical importance, it’s also known for many other things that you can visit, including its traditional taverns, its coffee shops, bars and it’s extremely popular board walk right by the sea.

If you are particularly interested to learn more about the Ottoman rule over the Greek society and just what influences and remains are left from centuries ago, then this Ottoman monuments walking tour will not let you down. This walking tour around Thessaloniki consists of 4 major monuments that will be visited on this 3 hour tour. This includes visiting mosques, traditional baths and open markets. This Ottoman walking tour is a relaxing and insightful activity to learn about Thessaloniki and the history behind it!

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Windsurfing Lessons

Windsurfing Lessons in Thessaloniki
75 to 100 euros. Contact us for group rates

Seize the opportunity to learn a new, exciting sport and have an amazing time with your group of friends with this windsurfing lesson in Thessaloniki! Give windsurfing a chance because one thing is guaranteed – you will have the most memorable experience!

If you are the type of person that finds lying around, sunbathing for the whole day a bit boring, and are in need of an adrenaline rush, then say no more! Spend your day windsurfing! Sounds intriguing but you aren’t confident enough? Again, you are in the right place! Take windsurfing lessons that require no prior experience! The lessons take place in the small village of Angelochori, 30 km from Thessaloniki. The unique conditions of Angelochori’s location made this village a famous water sport extravaganza destination, including windsurfing, SUP and kite-surfing. Revel in lucid waters and the astonishing view of the imposing Mount Olympus massif, rising above the clouds. Take joy in walking to the lighthouse and witnessing the mesmerizing sunset from the fortress, a perfect ending of your day in Angelochori.

Windsurfing is the water sport that ideally combines elements of surfing and sailing. It consists of a surfboard and a sail that are powered by the wind. This water activity is also a great opportunity to relieve stress and get an intoxicating feeling of freedom. The best part is that you do not need to have any previous experience; you will be instructed by a professional about everything you need to know. Windsurfing allows you to feel the adrenaline rush you were seeking, catching waves or performing jumps and spinning maneuvers. The warm sun, lucent water and this incredible water sport – summer days do not get any better than this!

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Sea kayaking

Full Day Sea Kayak Trip in Halkidiki
65 euros per person. Contact us for Group Rates

Spend the day kayaking in Halkidiki’s exciting Vourvourou bay and explore the beauty of Diaporos Island. The full day sea kayak trip in Halkidiki is a perfect activity to do while enjoying your vacation in Greece.

Are you in search for exciting activities to do in Halkidiki during your vacation? We have just the right suggestion for you! Spend the day kayaking in Vourvourou bay, one of Halkidiki’s most beautiful spots. Vourvourou bay is located close to Vourvourou village in Sithonia and is surrounded by the mesmerizing coast line of the Diaporos Island. The scenery that follows this area consists of golden sandy beaches, colorful underwater life and surrounding light blue waters that shimmer under the sunlight. We can’t think of a better place to enjoy a perfect summer day than kayaking in Halkidiki.

The full day sea kayak trip is a perfect activity to do in Halkidiki while enjoying your vacation in Greece. The beauty of Diaporos Island and calm waters of Vourvourou bay will definitely leave you mesmerized. The trip is a safe and carefully designed to accommodate all levels – from experienced kayakers to complete beginners. On this trip you will discover exotic gems of Vourvourou bay such as secluded sandy beaches and a beautiful small island surrounded by natural coves. What truly beautifies the Aegean Sea is its rich and colorful underwater sea life that is all waiting for you to discover it! Paddle your way to the famous Blue Lagoon and enjoy snorkelling and swimming in the crystal clear waters. Make sure to stop by one of the sandy beaches and take a lunch break; our suggestion is the gorgeous Hawaii beach (aka Myrsini beach). So gather your friends and family and set off to this adventurous activity in Halkidiki this summer.

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