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Deciding what to do and where to go in Greece is not always easy. There are several hundred Greek islands to choose from and thousands of hotels.

Kamares, Sifnos, Greece I have created my websites to help people make informed decisions and plan their trip to Greece. But even after using them people ask me what they should do. So I have created itineraries of what I would do if I was a tourist in Greece. In fact many of these itineraries were easy for me to put together because I had already done them. So if using my websites has made you more confused then you were before just choose one of these trips. They don't have to be followed to the letter either. You can work with the agency that offers these itineraries to customize it to fit your taste and time-frame. You may also want to check My Greece Suggestions Page for more ideas on creating the perfect holiday to Greece. These are trips for couples, families and small groups of friends. In other words you are not part of a tour. However if you are interested they can be used as itineraries for tours if you are a travel agent or someone putting a trip together for a larger group and of course the per-person price will be cheaper the more people you travel with.

Sifnos-Santorini: This is the perfect combination of the quiet (but not too quiet) and traditional (but not too traditional) island of Sifnos with the well-visited and pretty wild but thoroughly spectacular island of Santorini. If you like good food, traditional white villages, spectacular beaches, friendly people, wine and volcanoes then this is the program for you.
Poros-Hydra-Santorini: The trip for people who want to stay in Athens as little as possible but still see the sites. What makes this itinerary special is that you stay on the island of Poros, an hour from Athens and close enough to go into town for the day see everything and be back in time for a swim before dinner. You can also see the Saronic Islands, the Argolis Penisula (Myceneae, Nafplio, Epidavros) and then one bright morning take the fast boat to Pireaus to catch the ferry to Santorini and by sunset you are sitting on the rim of the volcano having a drink and enjoying the view. You can add other islands too if you like. In Poros you will be staying with my friends Takis and Zefi at the Saga Hotel.
Sifnos-Lesvos : This is the trip that combines my two favorite islands in Greece. The island of Sifnos in the Cyclades and Lesvos in the Northern Aegean are completely different and still authentically Greek. Both islands are famous for their cooking, hospitality and beaches. In fact this itinerary has you staying at two of the best beaches in Greece, Plati Yialos in Sifnos and Vatera in Lesvos.

Matt's Suggested Itineraries: This page was created because I discovered I was answering the same question over and over again by e-mail. The questions was "as a first time visitor to Greece where should I go?" The answer is several choices of programs that will enable you to make the most of the time you have in Greece.

Far from the Maddening Crowd: In response to the travelers who worry that recent demonstrations in Athens may disturb their sleep pattern (or has them so frightened that they are contemplating going elswehere), at my request Fantasy Travel has put together several packages which includes a tour of Athens, hotels and all transfers and ferry tickets to the islands. The packages starts at 790 euros per person. What makes them unique is for the Athens part of the trip you will be staying by the beach in Faliron, just 20 minutes from downtown by taxi or 30 minutes by bus or coastal tram.

Create Your Own Itinerary: This is the page for people who have used my site enough to know what they want to do or who know Greece enough to know. You fill out the form and click send and in 24 hours a travel agent comes back with a price and tells you what is possible and what isn't.

Mykonos - Santorini - Crete - Rhodes: No this is not a cruise were you get on and off the ship and spend a few hours on each island. This is a program where you spend two or three nights on each of these islands and travel by ferry and flights and also includes breakfast and a rental car on Crete.

Mykonos-Santorini: OK let's just admit that you read somewhere that these are the two islands you have to go to because all of your friends have been there and everything you have ever read about Greece has told you to go to Mykonos and Santorini. I am not going to argue with you. The vast majority of people who visit Greece go to these two islands and few are disappointed. So why not?

For tours of the mainland see also Mainland Tours. Questions? E-mail Matt Greece Travel Banner


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