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Hike, Bike & Ballooning on Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus, Greece

Private Trekking at Enipeas Canyon in Mount Olympus

Get a Private Trekking at Enipeas Canyon in Mount Olympus and discover the home of the 12 Olympian Gods! The 12 Gods would insist on you taking this tour so you can see exactly why they chose Mount Olympus as their home! And we definitely donít want to upset them. Enipeas Canyon on the roots of Mount Olympus is one of the most beautiful settings in Greece. Its length is 10km long and its starting position is Prionia (1100m altitude), known for its fresh water springs. It runs by the north side of Litochoro (a town on the entrance to Mount Olympus), and ends up in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a very impressive trek through European Path E4.

The European Path E4 runs along Enipeas River, through a dense forest. Due to its low altitude, it can be trekked most of the year. Along the way you can visit St. Dionysios Monastery, and St. Dionysios Cave. Towards the end of the path and to the left, we have the hiking trails of Zilinia (100-140m altitude) which are very popular among Greek hikers. Enipeas Canyon ends up in Skala Litochorou on the roots of Mount Olympus.

The valley offers second to none scenes of natural beauty. Enipeas River runs through the gorge forming small lakes along the way, and suddenly disappears in sinkholes. The waters, the variety of foliage and the boulders along the path compose a most impressive sight. The route Litochoro-Prionia lasts about 5 hours and Prionia-Litochoro about 3 hours.

It isnít by chance that Greek Mythology begins on Mount Olympus. You will find out why if you take this tour and thank yourself in the end.

The Litochoro-Kastana course lasts 2 hours and the returning course 1.5 hours. The Kastana-Golna course (with an amazing view) lasts 1 hour and the returning course 45 minutes.

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Olympus Bike tour

Olympus Biking Day Tour

If you are tired of seeing Greeceís beauties from the bus and want to experience the country through a more alternative way than we have the right solution for you: a biking and hiking day tour at Mt. Olympus! Grab your friends and family and join the adventure of exploring the wonders of Mt. Olympus on bikes.

Mount Olympus is the tallest mountain in Greece and is localsí favourite location for biking and hiking activities. The nature and the environment itself, is very well preserved and taken care of. Mt. Olympus is world-renowned to be the home of ancient Greek Gods because the surrounding landscape looks like it was taken right out of a fairy tale. We believe there is no better way to spend a nice sunny day than biking at Olympus. The fresh water springs and glorious views from the mountain will definitely revitalize your senses.

Make your stay in Greece more exciting by exploring the countryís wonders while biking with your friends. Even if you did not plan on visiting Mt. Olympus because you are staying in Thessaloniki, don't worry Ė the transportation will be arranged to pick you up from Thessalonikiís city center. (If you are coming from Athens don't worry. We can still assist you in joining us). This biking day tour activity allows you to book small and intimate groups of you and your friends, with a limit of up to 5 people. If are traveling alone, this is a perfect opportunity to make new biking friends! The bike tour is kids friendly so donít hesitate to bring your little ones. Even though the location of the biking activity is on the mountain, the terrain is not too difficult and only average physical fitness is required. We want you to enjoy biking in Olympus to the fullest in this relaxed and carefree activity. At the end of the tour you will receive the photographs of the journey that you can cherish forever.

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Hot Air Balloon Tour of Mount Olympus

Hot Air Balloon Tour at Mount Olympus

Soar through the skies in a hot air balloon tour at Olympus mountain where the gods of the old dwell. Seize the opportunity to partake in an awe-inspiring gliding experience not for the faint of heart.

The hot air balloon ride starts at the foot of Mount Olympus, located just 80 km away from Thessaloniki. Mount Olympus is known for its national park that is a refuge for multitudes of rare species of both flora and fauna. In addition to the stunning natural wealth, the mountain has numerous historical monuments that remind us of the incredible and rich history that is connected to this place. Donít miss this unique chance to behold Olympusí imposing yet majestic presence, roaming in the skies.

In the early morning hours, a field breakfast will be waiting for you right by the hot air balloon takeoff location. Once all is set and the appropriate preparations have been made, the group proceeds to lift-off. You will be flying in an altitude of approximately 1800 meters, where the air is fresh and the view is breathtaking. From above, you will be able to see the water springs, hiking trails and even some cultural and historic monuments. That being said, there is no wonder why the basket of the balloon is the perfect point of view for enjoying and admiring the glorious mountain and everything it has to offer. Moreover, to top off the whole experience an Olympian Nectar wine lunch will be served in the balloon basket whilst flying over the magnificent landscape. To top it all off, the pilot himself will offer you exquisite champagne to wish you a welcome and pleasant flight. When it comes to hot air balloon trips Ė it doesnít get any better than this!

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Delphi-Olympia tour

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