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Welcome to my Turkey Guide where you can get information for booking your holiday and have fun planning it. Whether you want to cruise along the Turkish Coast or visit the amazing city of Istanbul or the archaeological sites along the coast and inland, Turkey is one of the most facinating places in the world and if you have not visited yet, you don't know what you are missing. So get started by reading my Guide to Turkey. Scroll down and start clicking. It's free! If you enjoy this site please share it with your friends by using the Google+ and Facebook buttons at the bottom of the page.
A Guide to Istanbul
Matt Barrett and friends have put together a fun to read guide with lots of photos and practical information as well as personal insights.

"For a number of years Cappadocia has been on my wanderlust radar for I rightly suspected it was a grand playground of natural and cultural proportions. It is not always the case that a place exceeds my expectations, but Cappadocia assuredly did. In fact, it is now one of my top ten destinations, a statement I do not make lightly having traveled to over eighty countries."-Colleen McGuire

"Bodrum used to be a quiet fishing village on the Aegean Sea until Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records, built a villa in the 1970s and invited his celebrity friends to party down turning Bodrum into Turkeyís version of St. Tropez"

"Pamukkale felt like a detour, not just from Turkey but practically from our planet. This World Heritage Site is a rare spot on earth where hot springs, travertine terraces and Greco-Roman antiquities converge."

"We were elated to stumble upon a little known pre-historic site dating back 8,000-9,000 years ago. We have always been enamored with rock artís cryptic spirals and animals and stick figures. We seek it out when we travel in the U.S. Southwest, but we had no idea we would find ourselves hiking to petroglyph sites in western Turkey. For us it was a thrill tantamount to attending a small town folk festival and someone like Bob Dylan pops up onstage."-Colleen McGuire

"Over two thousand years ago Ephesus was a thriving center of Hellenic civilization. Fifty years after Christís death it evolved into a vital hub for the budding Christianity movement. By 100 AD Ephesus became the largest Asian city in the Roman Empire with an estimated 500,000 residents."-Colleen McGuire

"The spectacular archaeology site of Afrodisias sits in the shadow of Ephesus like a kid sister competing against the established praise and popularity of her older sibling."-Colleen McGuire

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Hotels in Turkey
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Getting to Turkey by Sea from Greece: Though there are no ferries from Greece to Istanbul you can do day trips and overnight trips as well as one way trips from a number of the Greek islands to their corresponding ports in Turkey. The schedules vary by island but in the summer there is usually one boat a day from these islands which are listed in order of their distance to Istanbul along with the corresponding Turkish port. Lesvos to Avalik, Chios to Cesme (Izmir), Samos to Kusadasi (Ephesus), Kos to Bodrum and Rhodes to Marmaris.

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