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Skalahori, Lesvos
Two Sisters Villa

Skalahori, Lesvos

Live like a local in one of Greece’s most tranquil villages...

You can’t get more authentic than the Greek village lifestyle, where you have every opportunity to live, eat, and revel like a local — waking to the sounds of roosters crowing, church bells ringing, and farmers selling produce fresh from their crops.

Skalohori is a beautifully serene village on Greece’s third largest island, Lesvos. Perched on picturesque amphitheater-style hillside among silver olive groves, the village is situated only an hours drive from Mytilene or 40mins from the new port of Sigri.

Skalahori Villa

Skalahori Villa

Skalohori now has rooms to rent as Two Sisters Villas has opened its doors and invites travelers from across the globe to experience Greek life at its most authentic.

Two Sisters hosts two villas, Hope & Harmony. While Harmony is a private residence, Hope boasts two studios for rent. Hope is located on the ground floor and is a fully contained studio for two, while Hope 2.0 on the first floor can accommodate two adults and two children.

Skalahori Platia

While staying at Two Sisters, you can eat fresh Greek food at one of Skalohori’s 4 cafe’s by day and taverns by night. The village’s newest addition, Skaloma Cafe, centres the town and has breathed new life into the heart of the village with its eclectic decor and modern cuisine.

We have three mini marts, a post office, a barbershop, hairdresser, greengrocer, huge pharmacy, a honey factory, two bakeries, and a women’s co-op that makes the best cakes and biscuits this side of the island — maybe the whole island! Mmmmm I can smell them baking now!

In summer, the village fills with holidaymakers back for their summer break from Athens and abroad. It’s a spectacular time to be in the village what with all the functions and events held — every second day there is an event on and all are welcome! Oh but they do party till 6 in the morning!

Kalo Limani, Lesvos

The village is in reach of many tranquil beaches, the closest being Kalo Limani only 7kms down the mountain. Autumn is a time of harvesting olives and chestnuts in Skalohori, as well as mushroom picking. You can book a tour to participate, or contact us and we can organise use it for you. Winter is the smell of winter menus and firewood and means peacefully watching the colours in the autumn leaves as they start to fall from the trees. Spring is about wild asparagus picking while enjoying the colour of the mountains in full bloom. Easter is a fabulous time to stay and experience a traditional Greek Easter

With Skalohori as your base, the island hosts a never ending list of exploration. Lose yourself in finding the villages 70+ chapels, let alone the neighbourhood area!

Skalahoti Turtle Pond

We even have our ever popular turtle pond! Beyond Skalohori, the island hosts hundreds of turquoise beaches, ancient ruins, a hot spot of nature lovers with flamingo spotting and a national geo-park, a surplus of hiking trails... the list goes on.

I have never eaten healthier, rested better, or appreciated life until I lived like a local. And now we invite you to do the same at Two Sisters Villas.

Please come join us in Skalahori by using this contact form for prices and more information

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