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Vatera Beach, LesvosHahathakis Travel  began in the early seventies when our family moved from Athens to the town of Vrissa, just up the road from the well known Vatera Beach, one of the most beautful (and longest) beaches in Greece. But when we moved from Athens there was nothing here except sea, sand and kalamia (reeds). We opened the first taverna on the beach, then some rent rooms and eventually the Hotel Aphrodite which has been praised by travelers and travel writers as one of the best family hotels on the island. To answer the needs of our many customers we started Aphrodite Rent-a-car so people staying at the hotel could explore our beautiful island.  Then in 2003 we began our travel agency in Vatera, opening our office in Mytilini town in 2004. When the crisis hit we decided to close our office in Mytilini and focus on what we do best which is taking care of our guests at the Hotel Aphrodite Beach and our car rental service the two aspects of our business that were the most successful. If you are looking for a travel agency that can assist you with your holidays in Greece and Turkey we refer you to Fantasy Travel who have offices in Athens and Istanbul and provide excellent service. You can also use Matt Barrett's Create-an-itinerary Form if you have a good idea of what you would like to do and you will get a reply about whether your itinerary is possible and how much it will cost. There is no charge for this service and you are under no obligation to book.

For guests of our hotel we can still assist you with your travel plans and we invite you to visit our hotel website and consider staying with us. We may be prejudiced but we don't believe you will find a better beach in Greece than Vatera or a more enjoyable hotel than the Hotel Aphrodite Beach. For those of you who want to book hotels on Lesvos and the other Greek Islands as well as Turkey you can also find us on

For Information or bookings please contact us through this form 

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