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Tank-wheelchair by Actiontrack Greece was not designed for people in wheelchairs......

Even before they created the uneven streets and steps, the topography of the country was rocky and mountainous. Add the crooked sidewalks, too many cars, hotels with no wheelchair access ramps and elevators that are too narrow and you have the makings of a miserable holiday for anyone who is dependent upon a wheelchair.

But things change, especially in Greece and little by little Athens is addressing the needs of the handicapped. A few years ago I might have told someone physically impaired to go elsewhere. Now with the interest in helping the handicapped by people in the travel industry, the government and in particular the activism of the handicapped in Greece, (not to mention the need to put on a new face for the 2004 Olympics and Special Olympics that has created these improvements in Athens), anyone in a wheelchair will be able to go to Greece with confidence. That is what this page is for. I hope you find it useful and I welcome comments before and after your trip.

The above photo is by and some enterprising person should import these for use in the Greek villages

Recommended Pages for Disabled Travelers

I would hesitate to call Athens wheel-chair friendly yet. But by using this page you can get around most problem areas and find the places to stay and visit that will not be too frustrating.
You can also e-mail me with any questions at

Matt Barrett

Christianakis Tours for the Physically Disabled
Christianakis Travel:

Specializing in tours for the disabled with a fleet of accessable vehicles. They also know which hotels are wheelchair friendly in Athens and the islands and are the best agency to use if you or someone in your group is in need of assistance.
They are the first and only Greek tour operating company that specializes in tailor-made itineraries for the physically challenged. They can fulfill all of your travel requirements by providing you with transportation, hotel booking and guides to escort you around historic sites and attractions in Greece and Europe. They can also provide you with business/conference facilities, or if you prefer, arrange a custom-made itinerary to suit you, featuring any of the above choices.They have over 20 years of experience in the traveling business and guarantee the best service for you.

Wheel Chair rental in AthensWheelchair Rental in Athens rents wheelchairs to people that have some difficulty in movement and oxygen concentrators to people that have breathing difficulties, in order to make holidays in Greece as comfortable as possible. The products that they offer are delivered to the place of your choice (in the area of Athens). For deliveries outside the area of Athens, there is an extra charge. All the wheelchairs are folding and can fit in a car, bus or train. The oxygen concentrators can either be operated in your hotel or on a cruise boat and the portable oxygen bottles give you the change to follow all the activities of your holiday program. For more information see their website at

Aegean Thesaurus Travel Tailor-made Tours: When I asked my friends at Aegean Thesaurus Travel whether they could create a tour for people with limited mobility their reply was that rather than create a tour they prefer their older or less agile clients to tell them what they want to do and then the agency creates the program using easy to navigate hotels in less challenging locations. So choose the islands you wish to visit, the mainland tours you are interested in and the amount of days you have and mention your age and any limitations you have and fill in this form and they will put together a plan for you. They told me they do this regularly for people in wheelchairs.

Sirens Resort for the Disabled
A fully accessible hotel for the disabled with wheelchair ramps to the sea, specially designed rooms and bathrooms and tours.

Eria Resort for the Disabled in Crete: The Eria Resort is specially designed with disabled people in mind located in the historic village of Maleme in an area of unique natural beauty, surrounded by olive groves with an unobstructed view of the Cretan sea

Breaking Through the Disability Barriers
Great article by Alexia Amvraza

Helpful Information for Wheelchair Users from an Athens 2004 Paralympic Athlete

Strollering Through Athens
by Matt Barrett

Disabled Access Sailing Holidays
"Our thirst for sailing, drove us to find ways to make sailing accessible and fun to all, and especially to those physically challenged. We have consulted with experts in special needs matters, in order to outfit our sailing boats for handicapped people. "

Dolphin Hellas Travel
Aliki Hamosfakides has put together itineraries for people in wheelchairs. It is not easy, she says but it can be done.

George the Famous Taxi Driver
Transfers, tours and assistance in Athens and the Greek mainland

Private Drivers in Cruise Ports
If you are going on a Greek Island cruise and are worried about getting around here is a list of professional drivers that can assist you on getting the most out of your destination.

Healing Mineral Baths of Edipsos
One of the most wheelchair friendly places in Greece

Lake Vouliagmeni
Healing spa on the outskirts of Athens

Hot Springs of Methana
These are close to Athens and you can get here in the summer by ferry. You have to drive in the off-season.

Hot Springs of Lesvos
Most of these healing springs are completely accessible

Wheelchair Rentals and other Equipment: There is a company in Athens called BIOTECHNICA.
You can contact Mr George Dederis at

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