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Kyparissi, GreeceKyparissi is the kind of holiday place that if you know about it, you only tell your closest friends because you are afraid of spoiling it. But really it would be a hard place to spoil just because of the difficulties in getting here. You could tell the whole world about your holiday in the land of the Hunzas but only about one person in 25 million is going to visit there because not everyone wants to cross icy mountain peaks riding on a yak to visit some place because you told them it was nice. Kyparissi is sort of like that. Even though it has been written up in many Greek magazines, and featured in the book The Most Beautiful Villages of Greece, and is the favorite destination of George H Bush, Prince Charles and may have been the last place Princess Diana visited before her ill-fated trip to Paris, getting to Kyparissi is a formidable task to anyone who does not have access to a high-powered yacht with a helicopter.

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Kyfanta Walking Tours: Explore the beautiful wildlife on the paths around Kyparissi, a one-week walking holiday during March, April, May, June, September and October for 600 per person, including transport to Kiparissi, meals and accommodation.


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