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Santorini is the most popular island in Greece for a number of reasons. First of all it is visually spectacular, on the same scale as for example the Grand Canyon. There are not many places in the world where you can sit at a cafe, restaurant or your hotel balcony, suspended on the rim of a massive sea-filled volcano, active too. To make it more interesting the view is west which means spectacular sunsets. For this reason many honeymooners choose Santorini because there is nowhere on earth that is more romantic.

Santorini is also believed by some to be the site of Atlantis. Whether or not this is true will have to wait for future proof but the island is loaded with ancient archaeolgical sites including Akrotiri, Greece's answer to Pompei, an ancient village that was preserved by lava, now uncovered. The Archaeology Museum is rich in finds from the island.

Santorini is famous for its black sand beaches as well as several others. Hotels of all catagories and prices, hostels and camping make Santorini and island for all ages and all budgets. With a busy airport, several ferries and highspeeds a day from Pireaus, and a major stopping point for cruise ships Santorini is a busy island but big enough to handle the traffic. For many travelers it is the one essential island.

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