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More Restaurants and Nightlife in Thessaloniki

A Taxi Driver's Guide to Restaurants, Cafes and Nightlife

Thessaloniki restaurants

You want to know where to eat? Where to have the best coffee and the best atmosphere? The best bars and clubs? Who do you ask? Do the local guidebooks tell you or do they have a motive behind their suggestions. There are the big-name Guidebooks but those guys breeze ina dn out of town and if they ate and drank everywhere they would have no time to write. So who can you trust?

A taxi driver of course!

These are the choices of Grigoris Moisiadis a popular taxi driver of Thessaloniki. For my choices go to Thessaloniki Nightlife


Seven Seas ( 7 Thalasses): Fish restaurant top class. Delicious dishes, wine and desserts. Best in the city! 8-10, Kalapothaki str. city centre.
Miami : fish restaurant in Nea Krini area, in front of the sea. Almost all tourists ,visitors and celebrities have been there. 18, Thetidos str. 
Halaro : Chicken specialities. Excellent service in a fantastic atmosphere,50m from the sea. Located in Arechu area ( East part ). 75, Sofouli str.
meat restaurant in Ladadika area. Delicious food , live Greek music after 21:00 . 3, Morihovou str.


Kreonidis: meat taverna with Greek music ( not live ). Located in the old town ( kastra area ) 4 ,Ohi ave

Any restaurant guide to the city of Thessaloniki that does not mention the Negreponte Taverna the hidden jewel of the city is not complete. It is very authentic and the food is superb, it is a place that many locals adore and just exactly what we want the visitors of Greece to take back with them as a memory. Its near Ladadika at 24 Aigypto street.

Coffee Bars

To Mouseio
Gallery cafe. In the heart of the city. 14, Katouni str.( Ladadika area )
Garcon Brasserie
A new cosmopolitan coffee bar in front of the seaside. Good coffee and sweets. Nikis ave. & Aghias Sophias str.

Bar Restaurants

Kitchen: New bar restaurant inside the port . Friendly atmosphere and light dishes. Located in the center Port ( storehouse B' )
Taliraki Bar and Grill: New Greek and Mediterranean place serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, mezedes and drinks. Live music every Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. Anaximandrou 36 


W nightclub at 3 Frixou street in the Fix area. Authentic club music, extraordinary dancing shows.
Vogue 23, 26th October street. The best in the city. Happenings, special evetns and parties. European standards.

Rembetika Music

To find a place to listen to rembetika you should visit a " rembetadiko". Rembetadika ( plural) is a taverna with rembetika music where the musicians play music sitting in front of a small or big stage while people eat and drink.

Some of the best in town are:
Rebet Asker at 4, Tompazi str.
To Kapeilio tou Plastara ( old town ) 3, Kiprou str. 
H folia tou Kokora at 33, Lahana str.
Ouranio Toxo at 8, Alonissou str.

I hope you like these choices. Remember: if you can't trust a taxi driver who can you trust? For more information on Grigoris and his taxi service see

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