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The Peloponnesos

Peloponessos, Githion

The Peloponnese: Heart and Soul of Greece

Nafplio, beachWhen most people think of holidays in Greece they think of the Greek islands. The idea of all these islands, each different from the next, the whitewashed houses and beautiful beaches is an enticement to anyone. But lost in the commotion over Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and Corfu is the fact that some of the most beautiful and interesting areas in Greece are not on the islands, but on the mainland in particular the Peloponnesos aka the Peloponnese Peninsula.

Name the first Capital of modern Greece. Give up? It wasn't Athens or Thessaloniki. It was Nafplio. At the time the Peloponessos was all there was of Greece since it was the first part of the country to be liberated from the Turks in 1821. For many, the Peloponnesos is the true Greece and the narrow isthmus of Corinth is all that separates them from a world of Albanians, Vlachs, Bulgarians and Macedonians, who are all Greeks to us. But the Peloponnesos can be said to be the heart and soul of Greece and though it has been left off the tourist map that was specially painted for Americans, it is as worthwhile a place to visit as any ten islands combined.

From Myceneae to Sparta to Mistra to Navarone, the Peloponnesos has seen its share of history. This is where Paris stole Helen from King Menelaous and where Agamemnon set forth with his ships to Troy. It is a land of rugged mountains, green valleys, the ancient games of Olympia, and a coastline with some of the best beaches in Greece. What follows is a Guide to the different regions of the Peloponnessos. If you enjoy this website please share it with your friends on Facebook and Google+

Peloponnesos Index

Ancient Myceneae, Greece
Corinth & the Argolis

The Mani
Laconia & the Mani

Messinia, Peloponessos

Leonidio, Arkadia

Patras ferry

Ancient Olympia
Eleia & Olympia

Photo Album

Kyparissi, Peloponessos
Helpful Info

Nafplio, Peloponessos

Mistras, Peloponessos

Githio, Peloponessos

Diros Caves, Peloponessos
Diros Caves

Nemea, Temple of Zeus

Ancient Olympia

Leonidio, Arkadia

Monemvasia, Peloponessos


Grande Bretagne Hotel, Nafplio
Peloponnesos Hotels

Corinth Canal
Argolis with George

Tyros Arkadia

Kyparissi, Lakonia

Kalavrita train

Elafonissos, Greece

Stoupa, Peloponessos

Kalamata, Peloponessos

Katakolon Cruise Ship

The Outer Mani
The Outer Mani

The Mani
The Deep Mani

Sparta, Peloponessos

Kosmas Arkadia

Tolon, Greece

Andritsaina, Peloponese

Ancient Olympia, Peloponnesos
Mainland-Mykonos Tour

Ancient Corinth
Footsteps of St Paul

travel agency
Travel Agents

Driving Tips

George the famous taxi driver
Taxi Tours

Peloponessos 1963
60's Peloponnesos Photos

Peloponese Village
Itinerary Suggestions

Rental Cars
Car Rentals

Myceneae Lions
1 Day Myceneae/Epidavros

Corinth Canal
Half Day Corinth Tour

2 Day Myceneae/Epidavros

Olympia, Greece
3 Day Classical Tour

Ancient Olympia
Artemis Winter Program

Epidavros, Greece
4 Day Classical Tour

Nafplio, Greece
5 Day Classical Tour

Nafplio-Tolon, Greece
7 Day Grand Tour

Kyfanta Walking Tours: Explore the beautiful wildlife on the paths around Kyparissi, a one-week walking holiday during March, April, May, June, September and October for 600 per person, including transport to Kiparissi, meals and accommodation.

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Delphi-Olympia tour

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