Greek Cooking Lessons at a traditional Farm with homegrown products

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Try out one of the most fascinating cooking experiences at a traditional farm, where you will discover the secrets of Sifnos traditional diet while cooking with homegrown farm products in a very hospitable environment. During our cooking classes that are arranged in the mornings or afternoons, you will get to discover the farm's vegetable gardens, harvest and collect the local farm products, and cook them for lunch or dinner. The duration of the cooking lessons, including the time for your meal, is between 3-5 hours.

Sifnos cuisine uses vegetables and locally grown herbs and plants, with simple and savory recipes from the past which have been revived with almost exclusive use of the locally grown products, from organic seeds, and the fruits of trees like apricot and pear trees (vasilika variety) which are rare to find in the rest of the world nowadays.

Morning (4.5 hour) Cooking Class (9:30-14:00)
The Morning cooking class starts with the genuine Sifnos breakfast (comprised of Sifnos thyme honey, homemade marmalade jam, homemade cheese and eggs), followed by a walk around the farm's vegetable gardens to harvest and collect the products, help preparing them for cooking and cook your meal for lunch.

Afternoon (3.5 hour) Cooking Class (17:30 - 21:00)
The Afternoon cooking class concentrates on the preparation of the local ingredients and cooking with fresh products, followed by a walk around the farm's vegetable gardens to harvest and collect the products, help preparing them for cooking and cook your meal. At the end of the lesson you will enjoy the fruits of your labor and have delicious dinner with your classmates in a friendly and cosy atmosphere.

The meal, at the end of either of the above lessons, will consist of two salad dishes, two appetizers and two main courses, while a choice of a local dry white or sweet sun-dried red wine will accompany your meal. For dessert you will pick from a selection of seasonal fruits, such as watermelon, melon, pear, apricots and damsons, depending on the month.

Private cooking lessons and/or farm tours can be also organized, on request, in which case supplementary fees may apply depending on the number of participating persons.

Prices 2023 in Euro
4.5-hour class 120 €
60 €
per adult
per child
3.5-hour class 90 €
45 €
per adult
per child
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Child prices apply for children aged between 8 and 10 years old.
Class size: minimum 2 persons, maximum 16 persons.

Price DOES NOT include: Transportation to & from your hotel.

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