Ticket Information

In order to organise your holidays successfully it is necessary to have the right information on plane and ferry schedules to, from and between the islands and/or cities you want to visit. Our agency is located in Greece, the country you want to visit, and we are, therefore, much better able to give accurate information in a timely manner.

Our ticketing department can provide you with domestic as well as international air and ferry tickets.

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The following section includes basic information on the ferry connections between Athens and the islands. These are not the only connections but the list that follows covers to a great extend the offered shipping services.


Please note that the listed information is neither complete nor 100% accurate. There are further destinations that are covered by ferries departing from the above mentioned ports. There are also many other ports all over the country that may serve as departure points for the listed destinations. For further information on schedules and prices, please fill in and submit this form.