Cruise Terms and Conditions

Cruise Terms & conditions of carriage vary depending on passengers' citizenship. To read the conditions of carriage that apply to your journey, please click on the link of the country at which your passport was issued in order to view the applicable PDF file.

(a) if you are travelling with a Belgian passport, click on the Belgium flag link or on the Flemish or French (language) links next to the Belgium flag.
(b) if you are travelling with a U.S.A. passport, click on the USA flag link or on the English (language) link next to the USA flag.
If you are unable to view the PDF files download Adobe's free software for viewing and printing.

Austria German
Belgium Flemish French
Canada English
Croatia Croatian
Cyprus Greek English
France French
Germany German
Greece Greek
Italy Italian
Netherlands Dutch
Portugal Portugese
South America Portugese English
Spain Spanish
Switzerland German French
Slovenia Slovenian
United Kingdom English
U. S. A. English