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The Monasteries of Meteora

Meteora, Greece

One of the most amazing places in Greece,if not the world, is Meteora. If you have seen pictures of Greece or spend any time looking through travel brochures then you have certainly been impressed by the monasteries perched on top of enormous rocks and have probably wondered how on earth they built them. The rocks themselves are impressive, rising from the plains of Thessaly. In fact the producers of James Bond found them so impressive that they had Roger Moore (or his stunt double most likely) climb the stone face of one in the movie For Your Eyes Only. These days the rock faces are climbed by professional and amateurs looking for a challenge and what Paros is to wind-surfers, Meteora is to rock-climbers. This site should help you in organizing your journey to Meteora. If you have questions you can e-mail me. If you want to include Meteora in your Greece itinerary try my Create-an-itinerary form to see what is possible and how much it will cost.

Meteora Monastery, Greece
The Monasteries

Meteora Journal

Divani Hotel, Kalambaka, Meteora
Hotels in Meteora

Trikala, Greece
Around Meteora

Meteora Tourguide
Licensed Guide

Kalambaka, Meteora
Getting to Meteora

Meteora Monastery
Old Meteora Photos

Meteora Monastery
Matt's Meteora Photos

Meteora Monastery
General Info/Restaurants

Hiking and Biking in Meteora
1-Day Private Meteora Tour

Meteora, Greece
2-Day Tour

Meteora Monastery
3-Day Tour

Monastery, Meteora, Greece
7-Day Grand Tour

(includes Meteora)

4-Day Classical Tour

(Includes Meteora)

Meteora Monastery
5-Day Classical Tour

(Includes Meteora)

Meteora Monastery
5 Days Northern Greece

(Includes Meteora)

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Fantasy Travel's Seniors Winter Special features Meteora and Delphi in a program designed specially for retirees and senior citizens. If you have mobility issues or you are that age where you just want to take it easy and enjoy Greece without climbing stairs and mountains this is a good choice for you.

Hotel Attalos, Athens

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