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Donkeys in GreeceThis is an index of anything that did not fit on the other Greece index pages. There are articles on various Greece topics as well as some sites with practical information such as traveling with children, holidays in Greece, seasonal travel, books, photo essays and articles on some of my favorite artists and musicians. Chances are if you did not find it on the other pages then it is listed here. If you are looking for travel agents, Greek Islands, Mainland and Athens or Hotel info go to the main menu. If you just want to be entertained or learn about Greece in a fun way then poke around on this page you should find something that you will find interesting. If you want my advice about where to start check out A Walk in Athens with Matt which will help you get your bearings in Athens. If you want to get inspired or inspire someone else to come to Greece check out Matt's Greece Photos or if you want to feel nostalgic look at my father's Greece in the Sixties Photo Album. If you want some practical information there is Matt's Itinerary Suggestions and my Step-by-Step Guide for Greek Island Travel. Or if you want to settle in and read a good book there is my travel journal Spearfishing in Skatahori If you have any questions about Greece you can e-mail me. You can share this page with your friends on Facebook and Google+ by using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Matt Barrett
Matt's Greece Blog

Yannis Lambessis, Rembetika
Greek Rembetika Music

Matt and Amarandi Barrett in Crete
Traveling with Children

Greek beach
Is Greece Safe for Women

Greek senior citzens
Greece Travel for Seniors

Greek ferry
Step-by-Step Guide for
Greek Island Travel

Smoke on the Waters of Kea
A Review of Machine Head

Greece in the Sixties
Photo Album

Fear of Travel:
Help for the Anxious

Greece's Great Outsider Painter

Matt's Greece Hotel Search

Spearfishing in Skatahori
The Travel Journals of Matt Barrett

A Walk in Athens with Matt

Matt's Greek Cartoons

Top 10 Things to See in Athens

Easter in Greece

Holidays and Festivals

FAQ's:Frequently Asked Questions
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Graffiti in Athens Gallery

Books about Greece

Driving in Greece

Matt Barrett's
History of Greece

Teresa Mitsopoulou:Archaeologist
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Greek Weather

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Honeymoon in Greece

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Sailing in Greece

Golf in Greece:
Crete Golf Club

Christmas in Greece

Was Columbus Greek?

Getting Married in Greece

Handicapped Information

Best of Athens

The Athens Zoo!

Learning to Speak Greek

The Acropolis Photo Tour

Strollering through Athens

A Short History of
the Jews in Greece

Byzantino Jewelry

Jewelry of Andrea Jerome

Hot Springs and Healing
Spas of Lesvos

So You Want To Live
on a Greek Island

A Journey to Mount Athos

Matt's Travel Tips

What Greece Is
really Like (for Women)

Is Travel Insurance

Quality Travel Links

Building or Restoring a House

Getting A Greek Drivers License

Matt for Athens Mayor?
An Article in the Athens News

Real Estate in Greece
Prices are falling

Interview with
Professor George Vithulkas

Karagiozis Traditonal
Shadow Theater

The Collected Works
of John Marlowe

Hotel Booking Assistance Page
Help me find a hotel Matt!

Dick Caldwell's Greek Mythology

The Christmas in Greece
That Wasn't

Makronisos: The Island of Exile

Greek Cinema and
Films About Greece

Music in Greece

Money-Saving Tips
for a Weak Dollar

2004 Olympics

The Elgin Marbles

Greek Stories by Matt Barrett

Matt Barrett's Lifo Interview

Matt Barrett Kathimerini Interview

Matt's Insider Review
about Lesvos

Smyrna: The Broken Land

Backpackers Guide

Athens Day Trips

Greece Photos: What does one do when he discovers he has taken over 35,000 photos of Greece? He makes a Greek Photo album of course. (I mean out of 35,000 there have to be a few good ones. Right?) If you need inspiration or if you can't go to Greece but want the next best thing to being there visit

Schools and Study Abroad Programs: What could be better than going to a European country like Greece and earning university or college credit? Or learning painting on an island from an instructor adventurous and spirited enough to actually teach painting on a Greek island? Or what about learning Greek while living in Greece? Or learning to sail in the waters of the Aegean? Or learning about the Greek Gods and Goddesses, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and Euripides in the land where it all happened? Nobody needs an excuse to go to Europe, but if you want a reason, more than just the sheer enjoyment of it see Schools and Study Abroad Programs

'All My Friends from Greece' is a rock-travel-video put together by Andy Emery to promote Greece (and my website). We have big plans for it but for now you can see the short version at All My Friends from Greece (short) and the long version at All My Friends from Greece (long)
If you like it tell your friends and if you love it
tell me.

What is the Best way to book your holiday to Greece? Can you really save by using auto-booking systems or by booking directly with the hotels? Are Travel Agencies a thing of the past? Read my article Endangered Species about the internet and the disappearance of the small personalized-service travel agency.

Index of Testimonials : For travelers who want proof of the reliability of my websites and the hotels and agencies listed on them I have created the Index of Testimonials which contains thousands of e-mails from happy readers and clients. If you are nervous about booking your holiday over the internet or through an agency in Greece or want to read about a hotel or if you just want to read the comments from people who have traveled to Greece, I encourage you to visit this page.

Hyphenology is an educational program for kids from 14 to 18 on the island of Lesvos. It combines academic excellence with cultural enrichment, an exclusive teaching faculty and a diverse student body, to provide participants with a unique and unforgettable summer experience. For more info see

There is now a Chinese version of my Greece Travel Guides at

You can find hotels in Greece by location, price, whether or not it has a swimming pool, and see photos and reviews by using this link to Excellent prices and many hotels you can book and then cancel with no cancellation fee. For those who want to book without using a travel agency this is the best way to do it and the small comission I receive from your booking enables me to continue my work.

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