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Pelion, Greece

Is the Mount Pelion peninsula of Magnesia the most beautiful region in Greece? Some say it is. It certainly has some of the best beaches. The mountain is filled with vegetation from olive and pines to apple orchards with some of the best hiking trails in Greece. In the winter Pelion provides some of the best skiing in Greece. Pelion also boasts some of the most beautiful villages in all of Greece. To top it off, they say the best mezedes in Greece come from Volos and Pelion, delicious snacks that go perfectly with the local drink of choice called tsipuro. Is Pelion the destination for you? The way to find out is to explore these pages.

Matt's Trip to Pelion

Pinakates, Pelion
Villages in Pelion

Pelion, Greece
Beaches of Pelion

Pelion hotel
Hotels in Pelion

Volos, Greece

Sailing to Pelion
Getting to and From Pelion

For Tours of Volos and Pelion see Eleftheria Psoma: Volos Tour Guide Greece Travel Banner

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