By AURELIA, Illustrated by Bill Papas


This is a delightful novel that takes the reader on an enchanting, magical journey to the white islands of the Cyclades. Told in a whimsical way, it is one of the most refreshing, original love stories ever about Greece and its immortal gods and goddesses.

This novel represents a new genre. Set in modern times in the timeless land of the gods , A Lone Red Apple combines excellent, useful
travel information on Greece, Mykonos, Delos, and Greenwich, England, with a captivating love story of a man and a woman from different cultures.

The prime meridian line that separates the eastern and western hemispheres at London's Old Royal Observatory also separates the lives of Matthew and Elena. He, a shy British professor of classical literature, lives on Feather's Place in historic, sometimes misty Greenwich, and she, a passionate Greek artist, lives on sun-kissed Mykonos, the most cosmopolitan of the Greek Islands.

Their lives become intertwined when Matthew meets Elena as he teaches a seminar on the lyric poet, Sappho, on the sacred island of Delos, birthplace of the god, Apollo. Matthew and Elena are opposites. At night, she dances to Rhembetiko music in the Mykonos Bar while he translates ancient poetry.

High in the clouds observing all is the supreme god, Zeus, who is supremely bored. He orders Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and her servant, Eros, to cause havoc in the lives of the mortals. Aphrodite agrees, and conspires with Sappho. With the help of Poseidon, god of the sea, Aphrodite and Sappho create magic and mischief in the lives of Matthew and Elena, as the sweet love songs of Sappho fill the air.

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The author is
Aurelia, features writer for various magazines including "Greece in Print", and this is her debut novel, written in her distinctive and playful tongue-in-cheek style. Readers will hope that this is just one of many stories Aurelia plans to tell us about Greece, because it is a pure delight.

It is beautifully illustrated by world-renowned artist
Bill Papas, a former cartoonist with "The London Times," who illustrated books for C.S. Lewis and Pope John Paul." - GREEK AMERICA MAGAZINE

A Lone Red Apple reads as a fun and accessible history and travel guide. It is a practical guide to Greece in the guise of a romantic novel. I was spell-bound... - THE ATHENS NEWS.....Click here for reviews

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A perfect read on your trip to Greece, or just for a great get-away. Click on the picture to BUY THE BOOK - just $9.95.

A perfect read on your trip to Greece, or just for a great get-away. Click on the picture to BUY THE BOOK - just $9.95.

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