By AURELIA, Illustrated by Bill Papas


The Athens News

"One of the book's most striking elements is that it reads as a fun and accessible history and travel guide. It is a practical guide to Greece in the guise of a romantic novel. I was spell-bound by her description of Rhenia, one of the islands near Mykonos that is a sacred burial ground for warriors from the nearby island of Delos. A fisherman dropped her off to examine the grave markers. She was totally alone on the island where no one is allowed to live and she remained there for several hours. She describes it as 'magical,' and says it was so still she could hear her own breath. One of the many entertaining sub-plots details the actual conflict between the young and old on the isle over a development issue. Her story is illustrated by Bill Papas, whose political cartoons for 'The Guardian' and 'the Sunday London Times' became well-known in the Sixties"

Press Enterprise, Bloomsburg, PA

The love of Greece's ancient legends and London's stately suburb of Greenwich have combined for Pittsburgh author Aurelia, whose first novel is the cross-cultural romance, A Lone Red Apple. Her romantic novel has a whimsical cast, with asides from Grecian gods and goddesses as they observe the developing romance between Elena, a beautiful Greek painter, and Matthew, a British classics scholar who comes to Elena's native Mykonos to teach a summer classics seminar. Aurelia said in a phone interview that she set the British parts of her novel in Greenwich, England, in part because it is a community she visits nearly every summer with her husband, John. The Plume of Feathers pub, which figures in a scene in the book, is a real life watering hole the couple enjoys. The popular local pub is becoming well-known because it is the only pub that lies on the Greenwich meridian, the place the year 2000 will dawn first. Greenwich is known worldwide as the place from which people measure time. A Lone Red Apple is illustrated by Bill Papas and was published by Greek America Press.

Greece in Print

Aurelia, in her novel, 'A Lone Red Apple,' has achieved a literary tour de force in creating modern characters who work for their living and have personal and professional problems. While seeming to be contemporaries of the gods of the ancient world, their influence on the characters of the novel and their co-existence appear as natural and rational as they were for the ancients. Among the gods who have roles in the plot of the book, Aphrodite has no reason to feel slighted, as there are love scenes which should measure up to her standards of excellence. The author shows great skill in making a transition from the atmosphere of the Aegean to an Anglo-Saxon environment, where one of the chapters takes place. The spirit of place is shown in the mentality of the people, their way of life and their pastimes in a pub, in contrast to those in a Greek café. The fact that the English locale is in Greenwich, close to the Prime Meridian Line dividing East from West symbolically emphasizes the differences and cultures in the lives and characters of the protagonists."

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